Shanghai Sun Island International Golf Club

Shanghai Sun Island International Club(上海太阳岛国际俱乐部)(“Sun Island(太阳岛)”) is located in Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District(青浦区朱家角镇) which is called as the back garden of Shanghai(上海). It is surrounded by Mao River(泖河)—the upper reaches of Huangpu River(黄浦江). Generally speaking, a 40-minute drive will be enough to get there if taking Shanghai—QingPing Expressway(上海清平高速)since there is only bout 45 kilometers away from the city center. In 1993, Singapore Yuan Li
International Group(新加坡国际元利集团) began to develop the Sun Island with an investment of 200 million dollars. And soon Shanghai Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee (上海市住建委)awarded this island as the top 10 tourist attractions in Shanghai in 1997.
The next few years it was named as the five-star Holiday resort by Interval International(国际度假交换平台)and the class 4A Tourist Attractions in China by National tourism administration(国家旅游局)respectively in 1997 and 2002. This island covers up to 2400 Mu which is 700 meters wide to the east, 4 km long from north to south and 10 km long
around the island.
Sun Island was originally called Mao Island(泖岛)and has such a long history. It is said human settlers have arrived here since XiZhou Dynasty. At the very beginning, Mao River(泖河), Taipu River(太浦河), Dianshan River(淀山湖), Huangpu River(黄浦江), Taihu River(太湖) were connected in here and that makes Sun Island to be the key site of passing boats. This island exactly as a shuttle was inserted into the gurgling stream and has weaved the water silk to be a part of the glory history of Shanghai. In thousands of years a lot of Literati and poets came and left but only excellent civilization was left at last. Nowadays Yuan Li Group has re-powered Sun Island and will never stop exploring, constructing this place so that it could be the brightest star and the best legend in the new age. My dear friend, imagine you’re in a peaceful island with tree-lined roads and singing birds, fragrance flowers.
You can escape from the traffic and pollution in the city and enjoy nature’s gifts. When you want a break you can pick a comfortable and well-equipped room from hundreds of units among dozens of buildings. That will be very cool. Sun island club(太阳岛俱乐部) opened in 1997 and was decorated in 2005. The building stands four storeys high concluding 416 rooms at all.

The traffic:
Distance from the airport(机场) (km): 37km
Distance from the Pudong airport(浦东机场) (km):89km
Distance from the Shanghai Railway Station(上海火车站)
Distance from the city center(市中心) (km):49km
Zhujiajiao Town(朱家角镇)(km):12km
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Chinese Name:上海太阳岛高尔夫俱乐部 (36洞)
Chinese ADD:上海市青浦区朱家角镇沈太路2588号