Caoxiewan Mosque in Shanghai

Caoxiewan Mosque

Caoxiewan Mosque in Shanghai also called Nanshi Mosque which is situated at No.70 Nanshi Caoxiewan. It’s established in 1852, which is the first Mosque in Shanghai.

Why is Caoxiewan Mosque So Special

Caoxiewan Mosque is the first Mosque in Shanghai. Originally named South Mosque, it is the first Islamic shrine constructed by Muslims in Shanghai. It is on the list of Best Shanghai Mosques. At first, in order to worship together, three simple rooms were constructed for Muslims to pray and bath. Caoxiewan Mosque Shanghai prayer times can be informed by the staff.

Introduction of Caoxiewan Mosque

History & Construction

In 1849, because of the floods in the south, the Moslem mainly on Nanjing to take their families to Shanghai and settle down in Caoxie Wan. The north of this street is named “Nanjing Street”, because of a number of Nanjing people.
In order to religious needs, Wang Ziming, Ma Shongshan and so on to rent to land and built 3 sheds for religious service, bathing and dean’s daily life. The Muslim who went in for jewelry and antiques industry have raised funds to buy 0.075 hectares to rebuild more than 10 one-storey wood houses in 1909. When Xiaotaoyuan Mosque was rebuilt, the material pulled down from the room was given to Caoxiewan Mosque to reconstruct.
After reconstructed, there is a stele of organization’s south affair of the temple in the Mosque. Through to the Yuedong Door, there is a courtyard planted flowers and trees. In the east of the courtyard is the Sunday’s Basilica; in the west side is the hall for audience to hear the scripture; in the southern side is the water room and the mortuary, and on the north of water room is dean’s room. 

How to get to Caoxiewan Mosque from Shanghai

  • Line 13 subway, line 9 Shanghai Metro 9 min includes 2 min transfer
    (Mid Huaihai → Rd Madang Rd → Xiaonanmen Station)
  • Taxi from Shanghai to Xiaonanmen Huangpu Qu 5 min
    One-Way from: ¥28 – ¥35

Accommodation around Caoxiewan Mosque

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    5 km from Xiaonanmen Station Metro access
    Overlooking the vast, scenic Century Park, the mid-scale business hotel Dorsett Shanghai Hotel stands right besides Century Park Metro Station (Line 2) and around a 5-minute drive away from Longyang…
  • Grand Hyatt Shanghai
    2.1 km from Xiaonanmen Station
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  • Riverview Hotel on the Bund

    0.9 km from Xiaonanmen Station
    Situated at the South Bund, Riverview Hotel on the Bund is located close to City God Temple, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, The Cool Docks and Bund Finance Centre.

Useful Travel Tips for Visiting Caoxiewan Mosque

  1. Clothing
    Clothing should be modest, covering your arms and legs with no messages or slogans displayed. Shoes, hats and sunglasses should be removed before entering, with some mosques offering disposable covers for your feet.
  2. Timing
    Tourists should generally avoid visiting the mosque during prayer time, which happens five times a day according to the position of the sun. Fridays usually have group prayer from morning to late afternoon, so try to plan your visit after sundown.
  3. Entering
    Visitors should enter the building with their right foot first and exit with their left. “Assalam Allaikum” is the typical greeting, translating to “peace be upon you.” Visitors can reply with “Wa alaikum-as-salam,” meaning “peace be upon you too.”
  4. Seeing
    Photography is allowed but you should refrain from taking pictures of worshippers or during prayer time. Keep the flash off and avoid walking in front of people in prayer.
  5. Holidays
    Mosques during Muslim holidays like Ramadan are generally still open to the public, though visitors should pay extra attention to religious etiquette during these holy days.

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