Nanning Greenville Golf & Country Club

Nanning Greenville Golf & Country Club(青秀山高尔夫球场) is located in the east of Qingxiu Mountain(青秀山), Nanning(南宁), It is only 3.6 kilometers away from the entrance of Guihai Expressway(桂海高速). There are some beautiful scenes including the beautiful Yong Jiang River(邕江), the dense vegetation. The course of Nanning Greenville Golf & Country Club(青秀山高尔夫球场) is an 18-hole and 72-seat international standard high-grade golf course that meets the requirements of various levels of tournaments. The stadium covers an area of approximately 2,400 acres and the total length of the fairway is 7,186 yards.

The natural landscape, jungles, lakes are regarded to be natural obstacles on the fairway, dotted with the stadium landscape. The unique fairway design is not only entertaining, but also challenging, which help golfers to enjoy the ball. Since June 2004 when the stadium was officially put into use, players appreciate its unique design and enjoy themselves there.

Chinese Name:南宁青秀山国际高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:南宁市金州路36号金州大厦7层
Translated by Xu Ruoxi/许若曦