Boao Shanqin Bay Golf Course

Shanqin Bay Golf Club(海南博鳌山钦湾高尔夫俱乐部) is located on the middle east coast where is the transition zone of tropics and subtropics in Hainan province. It’s on the extension of Yudai shoal between Qionghai and Wanning city. It’s 16 kilometers away from Boao town and it plays an important part in Boao beach scenic areas. The golf club enjoys very convenient traffic due to the short distance between the club to both the highway exit of Lungun,Boao and Boao high speed train station, also it will just take 15 minutes by car to the airport which is about to be constructed.

Shanqin Bay Golf Club covers an area of more than 2000 Chinese acres, while 800 acres 18 holes international championship golf course and nature coastal resorts of more than 1000 acres. Shanqin Bay Golf Club has spectacular scenery and unique topography , it’s the only cliff sea view golf club in Asia , with its three sides surrounded by sea. The golf course is designed by a famous American classic golf course designer Bill•Coore , and it’s operated by Forward Management Group and Landscapes Unlimited, LLC, which is the biggest golf course building company, this is a successful cooperation between America and China in golf field. As the first and the only golf course designed by Bill•Coore in China , CITIS Shanqin Bay has been ranked one of the Asian’s top 3 in 2012 by “Golf Planet” of Australian and top 3 of new golf course in Asian Pacific by “Asian Pacific Golf Group” even before opening.  These are rarely seen even in the whole world.

The clubhouse of Shanqin Bay perched on top of the cliff where used to be the site of radar station, looking at the sea while facing against the wind. This clubhouse is full of characteristics, it’s more likely a combination of both history and modern architecture. The overall construction area of the clubhouse is about 4500 Sqms and it has been divided into two floors from the top down with complete facilities inside , including one main dining room, 270ºocean view VIP rooms ,outdoor patios made of wood, bar , spa and so on. There are putting and chipping greens for practicing,  lawn and leisure. You can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and joy in these exclusive and private facilities, you can capture the beauty of the course under your feet and collect the spectacular view of south China sea by standing on the outdoor patio, feeling the power from spectacular scenery and the diversity of the nature.

The golf club is only available to members, this is the classic business model of Shanqin Bay Golf Club in order to meet the private needs of those people from the top of the society in or outside the country, such as leisure, vacation and business discussion. This model is also adopted by Pine Valley ,Augusta and other top-level golf clubs in the world. The club is operated by Shenzhen Forward Management Group , the general manager and superintendent from American of the club are all well known as they have rich experiences of managing high-end private golf club ,they are responsible for ensuring that service and turf provided to members are of world-class quality. Meanwhile, Landscapes Unlimited, LLC and Golf Projects International Company will assist in club imagine dissemination and daily operation, so as to establish an imagine of professional world top private golf club.

Chinese Name:海南博鳌山钦湾高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:海南博鳌亚洲论坛核心规划区