Dali Stone Mountain Golf Club

Dali Stone Mountain Golf Club (大理苍海高尔夫球会) is the first and currently the only golf course in Dali near Kunming. The Dali Stone Mountain Golf Club is located to the right of Dali’s famous Three Pagodas and Chongsheng Temple , this Kunming Golf Club faces Lake Erhai, with its back to the Cangshan Mountains, it provides spectacular views in and around Kunming and is one of the best golf courses in Kunming. It is a few short minutes from Dali Ancient City and a 30 minutes drive to Dali International Airport making this Kunming golf course popular for Kunming golf visitors. Dali Stone Mountain Golf Resort surroundings are characterized by stunning scenery and a pristine environment and the golf course itself is top class. Nick Faldo designed the Mountain course in 1995 and since then the course has become popular with locals and Kunming golf tourists alike.

Dali Stone Mountain Golf Club is located on the right of Dali Chongsheng temple scenic spot. It is the first and the only golf course in Dali Bai autonomous region, very close to Kunming. This Kunming golf course backed on the Cangshan Mountain and face to the Erhai lake. There are 2 Kunming golf courses and a twin-layered lighting driving range which contain more than 50 positions in the club.The longest driving distance is 300 yards. The perfect supporting facilities will offer you a consummate enjoyment. To play Dali Stone Mountain Golf Resort, contact one of our Kunming Golf Representatives who’ll have the answers to any questions about Dali Stone Mountain Golf Club.

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