Honghe Spring Golf Club

Huquan Golf Club is situated at the side of MiLe Huquan Ecological Park, it is the most exquisite designed international professional championship Golf course in Yunnan Province. With extensive tolerance and typical peninsula greens, the golfers will be very surprised by the longest fairyways and elegant greens.It seems so far way to green when you prepare to tee off, but after a nice driver, it is so close to you when you hit second shot.

Mile Huquan hotel Golf club is located in the beautiful Mile county lake ecology spring south. This stadium designed by the world first-class golf professional design company– the United States JFO company and well-known Mr. Joe Oubuling (JosephF Obringer) . This is a high starting and high level of the construction of the landscape type stadium, melt lakes,uplands and plains at an organic whole, fairway layout with the original landform stretch, a variety of strategies of the shot line, the variety of obstacle settings, smooth as a mirror of the professional stadium challenging. It has 7669 yards long , the obstacles area difficulty reasonable collocation, make the stadium has achieved the international championship course standard.