Jiexi Jingming Golf Club in Jieyang

Jiexi (揭西) Jingming (京明) Green Sports Field was designed by famous designers of Malaysia. This stadium is located in Jingxiyuan (京溪园) Town, Jiexi (揭西) County, Jieyang (揭阳) City, Guangdong (广东)Province, which is adjacent to Jingming (京明) hot spring resort-the “National AAAA Tourist Attractions”. This stadium is easily accessible as the transportation is convenient and it is 35km from Jieyang (揭阳) City, 70km from Shantou (汕头), 250km from Shenzhen (深圳), and 300km from Guangzhou (广州). It is a comprehensive holiday tourism area integrating ecological tea garden, tourism and leisure.

》Standard planning of 18-hole golf course with 9-hole top lighting facilities.

》5,000 square meters of Southeast Asian style luxury club with high-grade western restaurant.

》The golf driving range with double-layer and advanced equipment.

》As the only lighting stadium in the eastern part of Guangdong (广东), we will try our best to achieve the perfect combination of golf, leisure, business and conference reception, and strive to create a unique “healthy garden”in the eastern part of Guangdong (广东)!

》Adjoining “National AAAA Tourist Attractions” – Jingming (京明) Hot Spring Resort

》2000 acres of ecological high-quality and fragrant tea gardens, special and fashionable snack street.

》The magnificent Great Wall of Jingming (京明) passes through the peaks of the mountains

》”The first waterfall of Lingdong (岭东)”-the Huangmanqi Waterfall (黄满磜瀑布) is adjacent to the Sports Club.

Course introduction


Opening Time: 2009-11-02

Designer:Chuanyuan Chen陈川源

Class: Links Course

Number of holes:27 holes

Grass of the Green:Bermuda 328

Fairway Grass :Seaside gar

Cart: Yes

Driving range: Yes

Contact Number:0663-5850888


Chinese Name:揭西京明绿茵运动场 (27洞)
Chinese Address:广东省揭阳市揭西县京溪园镇
Translated by Huang Junling/⻩玲君