Qingyuan Holiday Islands Golf Club

Located in the Shijiao Town, Qingcheng District, Qingyuan Holiday Islands Golf Club(清远市假日半岛高尔夫球会) is only 15min away from Baiyun International Airport and 45 min drive from Guangzhou city center. The designer, Mr.Liang Guokun took full advantage of the lake and forest when planning this 27holes, Par-72 course. The luxury clubhouse also features a 5 star hotel, and an Hawaiian thematic garden, attracting not only golfers but also the whole family. 

Country Garden Holiday Islands golf club is located near Huadou reservoir, Country Garden Holiday Islands,Shijiao Town Qingcheng District,Qingyuan, GuangDong Province. It covers an area, or rather water area of 2 millions square metres, with an orchard covering surface of approximately 562.5 hectares and is one of the nicer golf courses in Guangzhou. Holiday Islands golf course is sponsored by Country Garden Group, which is one of the most famous real estate developments Co.Ltd in China and does a good job of supporting golf in Guangzhou. This Guangzhou golf course which is designed by a senior designer called MR Liang Guokun takes the forests and lakes as its natural advantage, while mountains and lakes as its topic.

This beautiful Guangzhou golf course is base on nature with its characteristic of challenging and intelligence, consequently rebuild nature and renew nature. Having the aid of the primeval ecological environment, the reasonable layout of this Guangzhou golf course as well as the smooth operation, the golf club is trying to create a new way of living. It will certainly satisfy every golf lover of different skill levels. It’s absolutely one of the greatest enjoyments in each golfer’s life golfing in the embrace of such a wonderland.
Chinese Name:清远市假日半岛高尔夫球会 (27洞)
Chinese Address:广东省清远市广清高速公路狮岭路段山前大道碧桂园假日半岛