Wuzhou Xiangjiang Mengdumei Golf Course

Located in Longwei Town(龙圩镇) of Cangwu County in Wuzhou City, Wuzhou Mengdumei Golf Club(梧州市梦都美高尔夫球场) is China’s mountain golf course of the largest scale, with high difficulty and challenges to welcome golfers of all skill levels to conquer. Wuzhou Xiangjiang Mengdu Meimei Ecological Park Co., Ltd. (梧州香江梦都美生态园有限公司)is a joint venture company of Anhui Xincheng Group(安徽鑫诚集团合资公司), which mainly develops Mengdu Ecological Park project in Wuzhou. The project covers an area of about 2800 mu, with about 30, 000 square meters golf club, the largest golf driving range in Guangxi and the 27-hole golf course with about 500 mu of high-grade villas in the golf course. The total construction area of the villa is 290000 square meters, and the total investment is about 2 billion yuan. It is the largest mountain leader in the country, the difficulty coefficient is very high, the challenge is very strong.

Chinese Name:广西梧州市梦都美高尔夫球场 (27洞)
Chinese Address:广西梧州市苍梧县龙圩镇大恩村
Translated by Zhang Liling/张丽玲