Liuzhou Fenghuanghe Golf Club

Liuzhou Fenghuanghe Golf Club(柳州凤凰河高尔夫俱乐部) is located in the national 4A level scenic spots which is called Baili Liujiang & Fenghuanghe ecological hot spring resort(百里柳江-凤凰河生态温泉度假区). The spot covers an area of 7300 acres, and equips 18 holes and 72 international trophies-par stadium, luxury villas, DAYS HOTEL, Fenghuanghe fluorin hot spring, hot spring quadrangle dwellings, jungle flight, equestrian club and the like, is a comprehensive leisure resort. It’s the best choice of relaxation, dining and entertainment, conference reception. The golf course which is designed by American famous course designer, DANA FRY, at the same time, it is the only one mountain course in Liuzhou city.

Every golfer would have different and unexpected experiences here. And we provide information desk, exclusive shops, restaurant, changing room for you carefully for any time. The training fields have 12 practice platforms for those who are golf-loving or beginners. The brand new glass houses applying with advanced audio system and projector, can hold around 70 people at one time. And the training fields also can give commercial meeting rooms, buffet, theme activity, family party services, after doing that, you can approach the nature friendly.

Chinese Name:广西柳州凤凰河高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:广西柳州市柳江县洛满镇露新路66号
Translated by Lei Ke/雷科