Changzhou Xiangshuwan Golf Club

Covering an area of 122 mu, Changzhou Xiangshuwan Golf Club(常州香树湾高尔夫俱乐部)lies on the eastern front side of Changjiang East Road of Changzhou New District in Jiangsu (江苏常州新区长江东路) and the right side of the Chinese Dinosaur Park (中华恐龙园). The golf course with 9 holes owns an extensive area and the space between holes is 70-200 yards with a width of 20-35 meters. The layout is very exquisite as well as creative, and the fairway is fluctuating. There is ingenious arrangement for service platform, pond and sandpit.

The sight of each spot is various and distinctive. There are 40 tracks in the golf training field, and the length of each track is 200 yards. 10 VIP tracks are prepared on the second floor, which are equipped with the golf automatic service machines. What’s more, there are golf experts who can correct your playing gesture, hitting force and so on. The facilities of the Shuwan Golf Club include Chinese restaurant, Korean BBQ, bathroom, pub, specialty store, practice field and fitness center.

Chinese Name:常州香树湾高尔夫俱乐部 (9洞)
Chinese Address:江苏常州长江东路