Guangzhou Sino Golf and Country Club

Guangzhou Sino Golf and Country Club(广东荔湖高尔夫球会) is located in Yonghe Li Yu Jia Zhuang reservoir near the town, the club is a place with A, B, C three games of 27 holes of world-class golf club, by the renowned Canadian golf course architect Richard Davidson and Japan Golf Master Muda Yasumori designed golf course design, integration of Japan and Europe and the United States design the essence of the fairway. Golf Course: Li-Golf will be divided into A, B, C three games, all nine holes.

Unique in all Sino Country Club golf courses, including B field and the beginning of last year’s opening of the C field is more popular golfers favor. If the B field first hole tee shot, players are likely to feel a great psychological pressure, followed by the eighth and ninth holes two equally challenging, definitely give challengers were hooked. Lai Lake C Course to Yishanbangshui for the United States, 215 yards from the blue staircase on the 2nd hole of the beginning of each fairway and water has started to pull continuous relations, mountains and water, two kinds of natural scenery, the perfect integration, the absolute will were stunning feeling.

Chinese Name:广东荔湖高尔夫球会 (27洞)
Chinese Address:广东省增城市永和镇余家庄水库