Kunming Shining Star International Sports Club

Located in Songming county, Kunming Shining Star International Sports Club(昆明星耀高尔夫俱乐部) is more than 40 kilometers away from Kunming and about 63 kilometers away from airport. This is a High-grade residential area with golf courses, racetracks, lotus ponds and lavender fields and the environment is very beautiful. Hundreds of wild birds inhabiting here and a series of lakes forming open water, which is like a fairyland.

Kunming Shining Star International Sports Club, personally designed by a world-renowned golf master Phil Mickelson  to build China’s top golf course for Kunming Star River. Surrounded by lakes and integrating water and sky, tens of thousands of native trees scattered, beautiful flowers and wild stock gathering together, just imagine the enjoy of golfing.

Meanwhile, Kunming Star River will also build a golf academy co-branded with Phil Mickelso and his coach and enroll students from all over the country. They will build a 54-hole course:

18-hole world-class championship stadium

18-hole eco-leisure wetland stadium

18 hole colorful flower court.