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What to Buy

The beautiful natural environment has helped the Bai people cultivated a noble and graceful aesthetic taste. They are quick-witted and nimble fingered, good at making traditional and special products with local resources.

Marble from Cangshan Mountain has been quarried for more than 1,000 yeas since the Tang Dynasty. The stone is of fine quality and has unique veins. It appears in a great variety. When polished, it presents various natural patterns, such as mountains, rivers, plants ,birds ,animals, and figures. The stone is processed into screens or decorations for high quality modern furniture and ancient buildings. White marble is a fine material, which is carved into pen containers. Ashtrays, flower vases, tea sets, and ornaments.

Tie Dyeing Handicraft
Tie dyeing of the Bai ethnic group is a time  honored handicraft. It uses indigo as the dyestuff. First, white cloth is tied and sewn into various patterns by hand and then dyed. Designs of bees, butterflies. Plum blossoms, fish ,or insects thus appear with an artistic effect that can not be achieved in painting.

Wood Carving Goods
Wood carving in Jianchuan County is a 1,000-year-old traditional handicraft, known for its exquisite designs and multi-layer carving. The carvings come out in more than 100 designs including Twin Phoenixs Turning to the Sun, A  Magpie Perching on Top of a Plum, A Soaring Dragon Holding the Moon, and one Hundred Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix. Most of  the carvings are used to decorate lattice doors and classical furniture.

The Cotton Paper of Heqing 
Its color is white liking cotton, thin liking cicada's wings, the quality is soft to defend the moth, the capability of absorbing water is strong, so have" The paper of Anhui is number one in the world, the paper of Heqing is the best in Yunnan" to say. The papers of Heqing take the bark of Gou Tree as the main material, the fiber is more and long, the syrup rate is high, delicate and pure. The papers are used to transcribe books and write the contract as good material in the past. In addition to the writing paper, there are still the packing appropriative double super papers, its thickness is about 3 times for the writing paper generally or so, tenacity is good, through use for long time and enduring.

The Grass Plaiting of Dali 
Plaiting straw hats is a traditional handicraft of Bai Nationality crowds in the region of Dali. It is said that there was the straw hat street near the Taihe City in the period of Nanzhao, there is still this street in the Taihe Village of Qiliqiao in Dali City now.

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