Nanning Shopping

Nanning, as a popular tourist destination at home and abroad, has a full variety of tourist souvenirs and special local products. Its urban area is praised as a shopping paradise for every visitor, with a great many commercial centers and shopping centers. In the following, China Tours will introduce the representative souvenirs and tell you where to buy these things.

What to Buy in Nanning

Momordica grosvenori(罗汉果)

Momordica grosvenori, also known as Luo Han Guo, gets its name due to the shape that looks like the belly of Buddha. Luo Han Guo, as a traditional Chinese herb, has effects on lowering blood pressure and digestive system. Therefore, many people who want to lose weight will choose Luo Han Guo to help digestion.

Zhuang Embroidery(壮族刺绣)

Guangxi, as Zhuang Autonomous Region, is full of Zhuang ethnic culture. When come to Nanning, bring the hand-embroidered craft-Zhuang Embroidery is a good choice. Generally, it is made of silk, which is characterized by different animals and special colors.

Ginkgo Seed(白果)

Ginkgo Seed, also known as Baiguo, is very precious as ginkgo is one of the oldest trees in world. As ginkgo is one of the oldest trees in world. Nanning is suitable for the growth ginkgo due to the distinct four seasons. The best time to have ginkgo seed is in summer. Ginkgo seed is not only a nice edible product, but also a great health care food and medicine.


Shaddock is the best-known fruit in Guangxi. Shaddock is sweet with a light scent. It is rich in Vitamin C. Cumquat is a citrus like fruit with a sweet rind and acidic center. It can be eaten fresh or be made into a sweetmeat, canned or squeezed as a fruit juice drink. It is rich in Vitamin C1, B2, B1, P, Ca, etc.

Embroidered Ball(绣球)

Embroidered balls are romantic keepsakes. In ancient China, maidens threw embroidered balls at their Prince Charming. Whoever caught the ball would marry the maiden. Ranging from animals, wall decorations to plates and pails, hand-woven crafts are decorative as well as functional.

Where to Buy in Nanning

1. Supermarket/Shopping Mall

Many supermarkets serve the area of Nanning, such as the Nanning Department Store at No. 39 Chaoyang Road, Nanning City.

2. Qixing Street, a Shopping Street with Brands of a Great Variety

You can find almost everything you need in various shops along Qixing Street, ranging from large shopping malls to small street vendors.

3. Exclusive Shop

In Nanning, there are many exclusive shops for local products, such as the Wuge Local Products Exclusive Shop at Southeast 50 meters of the Interjection of Gulingxin Street and No. 10 Township Road.

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