Nanning Dining

Nanning cuisine shares many similarities with that of Cantonese cuisine. It is particular about the freshness, tenderness and the nourishment of the dishes. Most tourists are much fonder of the special snacks, which are also popular among the locals. China Tours will introduce the main special local snacks for your reference.

What to Eat in Nanning

Lemon Duck(柠檬鸭)

Lemon duck is a speciality of Wuming District, Nanning City. It tastes so sour and spicy that it can absolutely stimulate your appetite! First, wash the duck and cut it into pieces. Fry it and put some chili, mustard, ginger, lemon, smoked plum and mashed garlic in it. Then, add fermented soya beans before sesame oil. So a mouthwatering dish will be presented before your eyes!

Laoyou Noodles (老友粉)

Laoyou Noodles of Nanning

Laoyou Noodles, or Friendship Noodles have a history of more than 100 years. Laoyou Noodles are the most famous snack in Nanning. Laoyou Noodles can stimulate your appetite and dispel cold, that is why it enjoys great popularity. Legend has it that an old man patronized Zhouji Teahouse every day, but one day, he did not come because he caught a cold. So the boss of the teahouse made a bowl of noodles and sent it to his friend. After having it, the old man was on the mend. And that is how Laoyou Noodles got its name. Now, it has become a must-eat dish whenever you visit Nanning.

Fenjiao or  Dumplings(粉饺)

Fenjiao in Nanning

Fenjiao is one of Nanning's specialty snacks. The making method of Fenjiao is very simple. It is a kind of snack that is steamed dumpling wrapper with meat stuffing. Of course,  the suffering of dumplings also includes beans, fungus, mushrooms, lotus roots, etc., which is very delicious.

Ba Zhen Fen (Eight Treasures Rice Noodles)(八珍粉)

This is another noodles food worthy of a taste. It is said to be the imperial food in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). More than eight treasures from land and sea are used as the Fen's ingredients creating a variety of tastes, hence its name.

Suan Ye (Fermented Fruits or Vegetables)(酸嘢)

Suan Ye in Nanning

Nanning locals prefer sour food. Suan Ye has been popular for centuries. The locals soak some fruits such as pineapple, pawpaw, mango, olive and wild peach in a mixture of vinegar, pepper and sugar. Some use vegetables as materials such as tender cabbages, carrots, broccoli and lotus roots. The fermented fruit or vegetable tastes both sweet and sour as well as a little spicy.

 Five-colored Sticky Rice(五色糯米饭)

The five-colored sticky rice is colorful and bright, and the high-quality sticky rice is soaked with purple sweet potatoes, chrysanthemum and maple leaf. The natural pigment is beneficial to the human body without damages, and each has its own fragrance and flavor. The five-color sticky rice has good color, aroma and taste, as well as nourishing, fitness, medical and beauty effects.

Where to Eat in Nanning

Jinfeng Yuan Local Restaurant(金凤缘土菜馆)

Add: No. 5-1 Chahuayuan Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning City(南宁市青秀区茶花园路5-1号)
Tel: (0771)2539658

Yinonggeng Restaurant(忆农耕)

Add: No. 9 Fenglin Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning City(南宁市青秀区枫林路9号)
Tel: (0771)5558188

Shangala Local Restaurant(山旮旯土菜馆)

Add: No. 160 Longteng Road, Xixiangtang District, Nanning City(南宁市西乡塘区龙腾路160号)
Tel: (0771)3813518, (0771)3816228,(0771)3813768

Roulian Restaurant(Luban)(肉联食府(鲁班店))

Add: No. 1 Luban Road, Xixiangtang Subdistrict(西乡塘街道鲁班路1号)
Tel: (0771)3847693

Luchuanggang Specialty Restaurant(陆川港特色餐厅)

Add: No. 89 of Building 17, B Area of Shangye Avenue, Jiangnan District(江南区亭洪路10+1商业大道B区17栋89号)
Tel: (0771)3379007

Gudianji Restaurant(Xinghu)(古典鸡饭店(星湖店))

Add: No. 7-3 of Beiyili, Xinghu Road(星湖路北一里7-3号)
Tel: (0771)5888989

Zhuang Flavor Local Restaurant(Jinqiao)(壮乡风味土菜馆(金桥店))

Add: No. 188 Kunlun Avenue, Xingning District, Nanning City(南宁市兴宁区昆仑大道188号)
Tel: 18677075568

Hunan Local Restaurant(Sixian Road)(湖南土菜馆(思贤路店))

Add: Floor 1 of Wanchang Sixian Building, No. 4 Sixian Road(思贤路4号万昌思贤楼1层)
Tel: (0771)5865345

Rongan Specialty Lv Fen Restaurant(融安特色滤粉)

Add: No. 6 Kede Road, Nanning City(科德路6号)
Tel: 18776926813

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