Huangpu River Night Cruise in Shanghai

Huangpu River Night Cruise

To experience the best way to enjoy the scenery along Huangpu River, a cruise has to be the top choice. A Huangpu River cruise has now become a must-have activity when visiting Shanghai. If you have time to join a Huangpu River night cruise, you can enjoy the most extraordinary night view. 

Background of The Huangpu River

The Huangpu River, the largest river passing through the city of Shanghai, is honored as the mother river of Shanghai. It stretches for 113 kilometers (70 miles) with an average width of 400 meters and a depth of 9 meters. It snakes its way through Shanghai and divides the city into two sections: Pudong in the east and Puxi in the west. It is also the source of most of Shanghai’s drinking water, after it goes through a purification process, of course. Today, the Huangpu River is the site of a bustling tourist business in the form of river cruises.

Introduction of Huangpu River Night Cruise

About Huangpu River & Cruise- a window of Shanghai

Huangpu River, the symbol as well as the mother river of Shanghai, is famous for a marvelous collection of the quintessence of the city scenes along the river, where the past, present and prospects for a brilliant future of Shanghai are expressed incisively. Contrasting to the very traditional river traffic of barges and ferries, sailing under the futuristic Yangpu Bridge and down the Huangpu River towards the East Sea, the views of the full sweep of the Bund (the exotic architecture museum), cityscape of Pudong (the miniature of Shanghai) as well as the typical scene “two dragons are playing with a pearl” (双龙戏珠, the Yangpu Bridge and Nanpu Bridge embraces the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in the middle) can be well enjoyed. Huangpu River Cruise is just one of the best ways to have a look of both traditional and modern Shanghai.

Huangpu River Cruise

  • Simple Route: New Shi Liu Pu—Lujiazui—Shanghai Jinmao Mansion—Oriental Pearl TV Tower—Waibaidu Bridge—Monument of the People’s Heroes in Shanghai—The Bund
  • Regular Route: Shiliupu Wharf near the Bund – Yangpu Bridge – Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) – Jin Mao Tower – Shanghai International Convention Center – Nanpu Bridge – Oriental Pearl Tower – Waibaidu Bridge – Monument to the People’s Heroes – Observatory on the Bund – Shiliupu Wharf
  • Shanghai Expo Route: Qichangzhan Wharf near Binjiang Avenue – Shanghai Expo Area – Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) – Jin Mao Tower – Shanghai International Convention Center – Oriental Pearl Tower – Waibaidu Bridge – Monument to the People’s Heroes – Observatory on the Bund – Qichangzhan Wharf

More about Huangpu River Cruise

The main ticket office for Huangpu River Cruise is opened daily. The excursion is a 60km round trip, northwards up Huangpu River to the junction with Yangtze River and back again along the inverse route. A night Huangpu River Cruise is kindly a great appreciation for the most dramatic and splendid views of Shanghai. Cruise schedule usually is arranged according to the season, and additional cruises might be added on weekends sometimes. Different types of boats are provided for choice, where you may get a comfortable seat with a fine view on the top deck, as well as a small buffet with drinks and local snacks during the cruise.

As one of the largest ports in the world, the tour boat passes an enormous variety of craft freighters, bulk carriers, sculling sampans, the occasional junk and Chinese navy vessels. And it is definitely an unforgettable experience to have a Huangpu River Cruise of Shanghai.

The Best Times to Take a Cruise

The best times to take a cruise on the Huangpu River are March–May and September–November when the weather is pleasant. You can enjoy the scenery on the deck of the boat and have a great opportunity to take clear and awesome pictures. If you decide to go on a cruise on a cold day, remember to take a coat. It can be very chilly when you stand on the deck. Rainy days will be a little foggy so some of the scenery on the Bund may be obscured.

Boarding Places and Service Time

  •  Shi Liu Pu Wharf No.1 District:  Floor B1, No. 481 Zhongshan East Second Road;
        Service Time: 11:00-21:30
  • Shi Liu Pu Wharf No.2 District:  Floor B1, No. 551 Zhongshan East Second Road;
        Service Time: 18:00-21:30
  • Qinghuangdao Road Wharf: No.32 Qinhuangdao Road;
        Service Time: 18:30-21:30

Useful  Huangpu River Cruise Tips

  1. Ticket booking
    Tickets can be purchased at Shiliupu Wharf ticket office at Wai Ma Lu 80.
    You can buy your ticket online or through ticket agents.
    Many hotels also provide a ticket booking service; you can check with your hotel. 
  2. Embarking Notes
    Children under 1.3 m (4.3 ft) travel free
    The Shanghai Expo route tickets are unavailable on site, so you need to book them in advance.
    The timetable information is for reference only. Please check locally for confirmation.
    Please arrive at the wharf at least 10 minutes prior to the ships’ departure time.
  3. Different boat might start from different dock. We suggest you double check which dock your cruise boat set sailing with the cruise company or your local travel agency in advance.

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