Wohushan Great Wall in Beijing

Why is Wohushan Great Wall So Special

The Great Wall of Wohu Mountain is named for its shape like two tigers. The Wohushan Great Wall is a magnificent, dangerous and exotic work. It has become a masterpiece in the history of Great Wall architecture with its age, variety, ingenious layout and facilities.

Where is Wohushan Great Wall in Beijing

Wohu Mountain Great Wall, located in Gubeikou Town, Miyun District, Beijing, was built in Hongwu eight years of Ming Dynasty. It is 4.75 km long and has 134 enemy towers at an altitude of 665.22 M. The mountain is steep, so it is particularly magnificent.

Main Attractions

At the north end of Wohushan Great Wall is the unique beacon tower wonder of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty. The towers on the north side are taller and the towers on the south side are lower. From a distance, it looks like two beautiful girls looking eastward arm in arm. The building form of the sister building can not only garrison more troops, but also store weapons and food. It has a high historical and cultural value in the history of the Great Wall.

Located in Hexi Village, the mosque is a place for Islamic activities in Gubeikou Town and its surrounding areas. It covers three areas, enters five areas, has a mosque gate and a corner pavilion, and has three lectures in the South and north, as well as bathrooms and water wells.

How to Get There

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Independent Travel

Passenger Line
Dongzhimen Express 980, get off at Miyun Children’s Palace Station, transfer to Mi25 Road, get off at Gubeikou Station, walk 620 meters.

Self – Driving line
Drive 112.8 kilometers along Beijing-Chengdu Expressway, leave from Taishitun Service Area/G101/Taishitun Exit, drive 90 meters, turn right slightly towards Taishitun/G101, drive 1.8 kilometers, turn right into G101. Drive 17.0 kilometers along G101, turn left, drive 10 meters, turn right and drive 70 meters. Turn left into Guxia Line, drive 440 meters along Guxia Line, turn right slightly and drive 80 meters to the end point (on the right side of the road).

Useful Travel Tips


Some sections are ruins and broken walls. It’s better not to go when there’s a strong wind. It’s dangerous.

Environmental Protection

Please pay attention to environmental protection and remember, “Don’t take anything away except photographs, and leave nothing behind except footprints.”

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