Wangfujing Street in Beijing

Why is Wangfujing Street so Special?

Wangfujing Street in Beijing, as one of the symbols of Beijing’s commerce, is the most famous and prosperous shopping street with a modern fashion trend.  This street is located near the downtown of Dongcheng District and is one of the four most prosperous commercial districts in Beijing.

As the city’s first famous business district, Wangfujing Shopping Street has various shops and boutiques, some of which are world famous brands.  In addition, for hundreds of years there have been many time-honored shops with traditional goods standing on the streets.  Wangfujing Street in Beijing is now a modern commercial street, comparable to the Champs Elysees in Paris.

Where is Wangfujing Street?

Located in Dongcheng District of Beijing, the street has a total length of 1,818 meters and is divided into 4 sections from south to north and 3 sections from East Chang ‘an Street to Dongdan, with a length of 280 meters.

Main Attraction of Wangfujing Street

Shengxifu Hat Store

Chinese Name:盛锡福
Shengxifu, as a time-honored brand in China, is a shop that produces various hats. Their hats are famous for their exquisite materials, exquisite workmanship and high quality. Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou are both their customers. These hats have been exported to the United States, Singapore, Canada and France.

Tongshenghe Shoes Store

Chinese Name: 同升和 (tóng shēng hé)
As a well-known brand, Tongsheng River is famous for its cloth shoes and cloth hats. This pair of shoes is of good quality and well designed and is very popular in Beijing. Many Chinese celebrities have customized their shoes here. Visitors can also order special shoes here.

Ruifuxiang Silk and Cotton Shop

Chinese Name:瑞蚨祥 
As a silk shop with a long history, it is one of the favorite shopping places for western tourists. You can buy high quality silk there. There are traditional Chinese clothes to choose from, especially cheongsam. Visitors can customize their clothes in the shop. Tourists only need to choose styles and fabrics and measure their bodies. After the clothes are finished, they can be sent to the tourists’ homes.

Gongmei Mansion

Chinese Name:工美大厦
Gongmei Building is the largest arts and crafts shopping center in Beijing. In shopping centers, people can buy all kinds of jewelry and handicrafts. A dazzling array of jadeite, agate, silk and embroidery are on display for sale. The four greatest figures in Beijing arts and crafts, including cloisonne, ivory carving, jade carving and carved lacquer products, can be found here. Tourists can enjoy discounts on the fifth and sixth floors.

Sun Dong An Plaza (Beijing APM)

Chinese Name: 新东安市场
At present, Beijing APM on Wangfujing Street is one of the largest shopping malls in Beijing, located at the western end of Jinyu Hutong. It was built on the site of Dong ‘an Market, the first comprehensive shopping center in Beijing. Tourists can buy almost all brands, such as Apple Electronics, Gap, Zara, Longines, Omega, Calvin Klein and MIT. There are also many exotic restaurants.

Best Time to Travel Wangfujing Street

September and October are the best travel times.

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Beijing. As autumn grows stronger, the leaves of various trees are still fresh green, some are beginning to yellow, and some are brilliant red and flowery. Around October, the red leaves of Xiangshan Mountain became more and more red and more colorful. People who climbed the mountain to admire the red leaves came in an endless stream. In the morning after the autumn rain, the air was clear and clear.

How to Get There

  • Take Subway Line 1 and get off at Wangfujing Station. The Exit A leads to the commercial street.
  • Take bus 41, 52, 120, 140, Night Bus 1 or 17 to Wangfujing; or bus 103, 104, Te 11, Sightseeing Bus 2, Night Bus 18 or 21 to Wangfujing Lukou Bei.

Useful Travel Tips

  • There are davenports every several yards prepared for visitors to have a rest. And one can use the shopping barrows along the street for free.
  • Visitors can take a sightseeing bus at south end of the street which runs through this street and Nanheyan Street. Tourist guide on the bus can introduce the history and main scenic spots along the street in detail. The bus runs 50 minutes altogether with 8 stops. The bus fare is CNY20 per person.
  • Currently, Beijing has adopted tax  refund policy (Value Added Tax or VAT) among overseas tourists, and there are several designated tax free stores in the commercial street, including Gongmei Mansion, Wangfujing Department Store, Dong’an Department Store, and Wuyutai Tea Shop.

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