Shanghai Grand View Garden

Why is Grand View Garden in Shanghai so Special?

The Grand View Garden in Shanghai is a large-scale antique garden designed according to the description of the famous work “Dream of the Red Chamber” in Qing Dynasty. Shanghai Grand View Garden has won the national Luban Award for architecture, the top 10 buildings for the 40th anniversary of Shanghai, the top 10 new leisure attractions, the excellent buildings for the 50th anniversary of new China, the top 10 tourism characteristic gardens in Shanghai, the seven civilization parks in Shanghai, and the advanced group of national scenic spots of the Ministry of construction.

Where is Grand View Garden in Shanghai in Shanghai?

The Grand View Garden is located at No. 701 Qingshang Road, Qingpu District, southwest of Shanghai

How to Get There?

  • Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Huangpi Nanlu Station. Leave from Exit 1, take Hushang Express Bus, and get off at Jinshanggonglu Daguanyuan (Grand View Garden) Station.
  • Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Huangpi Nanlu Station. Leave from Exit 1 and walk to the north for a few minutes to Laochengdu Beilu Dagulu bus stop. From there, take Huqing Express Bus to Yinggang Bus Station. Then transfer to Qingshang Line to Jinshanggonglu Daguanyuan Station.


It consists of a dozen groups of scenic constructions such as Yihongyuan (the Happy Red Court), Xiaoxiangguan (the Bamboo Lodge), Daguanlou (the Grand View Tower), Hengwuyuan (the Lush Grass Court), Daoxiangcun (Paddy-sweet Cottage), Lixiangyuan (the Pear Blossom Court), Mudanting (the Peony Pavilion ), Qiushuangzhai (the Cool Autumn Building), Longcui Nunnery, Qinfang Bridge, Winding Paths etc. 

Happy Red Court

Happy Red Court is located in the southwest of the garden. According to the novel, this place is residence of Jia Baoyu (the principal character in the novel). The east facing Jiangyun building used to be Jia Baoyu’s living room. It is the main building of happy red garden. Today, the house still has a lot of luxury furniture. A mahogany bed is decorated with different flower patterns, including magnolia, Begonia and peony. There are also many bronzes and some chinaware in the room.

Bamboo Lodge

The Bamboo Lodge is to the southeast of the garden. This is where Lin Daiyu (another hero in the novel, Jia Baoyu’s first love) lives. There is a lot of bamboo planted around the hut. Through the stone bridge and the stream, there is the main room of the house. To the East is Lin Daiyu’s living room. To the west is Zijuan’s room and Xueyan’s room. There are two pavilions in front of the main hall. One is Longyin Pavilion, the other is Zhuying Pavilion. The resplendent jade rooms are located to the northwest of these rooms. This room is where Lin Daiyu draws, plays chess and recites poems.

Lush Grass Court

Lush Grass Court is located in the west side of Xiaoxiang hall. The main building “Hengzhi Qingfen” is the bedroom of Xue Baochai (Jia Baoyu’s wife). There is a Yuanyang Hall in the front yard, with a screen door in the middle. Behind the hall is a large and exquisite rockery with twists and turns. There is a hexagonal pavilion and an ancient arhat pine on the top of the mountain. The waterfall in the cave pours down and flows into the lotus pond along the stream and the waterside pavilion.

Useful Travel Tips

1.Entrance Fee: CNY 60; Children below 1.3 meters (4.3 feet) can enter the garden for free.

2.Opening Hours: April – October: 08:00-17:00; November – March: 08:00-16:30

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Edited by Olive Zhang/张银芳