Emeishan Travel Tips

Whether you are a backpacker or travel with a local travel agency, you should do some preparations before traveling, such as know something about the useful number, transportation, weather, food, etc. Emeishan Travel FAQs and Tips introduce the city and zip codes, post offices, useful numbers, hospitals, banks for foreign exchange, Government, etc. When plan your trip to Mount Emei, view our answers to questions about Mount Emei travel to get better understanding of Mount Emei.

Useful Numbers

  • China International country code number: 0086
  • Ambulance: 120; Fire: 119; Police: 110
  • Telephone Information Enquiry: 114
  • Weather Report: 121; Post Code Check: 184; Time Check: 117
  • Consumer Complaint Center: 12315
  • Tourist Complaint: 0833-5533355(Emei Mountain Scenic Area)
  • Emergency Rescue: 18080664119(Emei Mountain Scenic Area)
  • Post codes: 626000; Tel code: 0836

Banks in Emeishan

  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Emeishan Sub-branch)
    Add: No.115, Dafo South Road, Emei City峨眉山市大佛南路115号附1号
    Tel: (0833)5522011, (0833)5539541, (0833)5566320
  • Agricultural Bank of China (Emei Mountain Sub-branch)
    Add: No. 54, Mingshan Middle Road, Emei City峨眉山市名山中路54号
    Tel: (0833)5523827
  • China Construction Bank (Emei Mountain Sub-branch)
    Add: No. 320-330, Mingshan East Road名山东路320-330号
    Tel: (0833)5554554
  • People's Bank of China (Emei City Sub-branch)
    Add: No.138, Eastern section of Mingshan Road, Suishan Town绥山镇名山路138号东段
    Tel: (0833)5553278
  • Bank of China (Emei Sub-branch)
    Add: No. 75, Bailongnan Road, Suishan Town, Emei City峨眉山市绥山镇白龙南路75号
    Tel: (0833)5523737,(0833)5520142

Post Offices in Emeishan

    Emei City Post Office峨眉山市邮政局
    Add: No. 545, Foguang South Road佛光南路545附6
    Tel: (0833)5522835
  • Emei City Baoguo Road Post Office(峨眉山市报国路邮政所)
    Add: No. 108-110, Baoguo Road
    Tel: (0833)5527012
  • Dafo North Road Post Office(大佛北路邮局支行)
    Add: No. 32-36, North Buddha Road, Suishan Town绥山镇大佛北路32-36号
    Tel: (0833)5524014
  • Bailong Post Office(白龙邮政营业部)
    Add: No. 66, Bailongnan Road, Suishan Town绥山镇白龙南路66号
    Tel: (0833)5524404

Hospitals in Emeishan

  • Emeishan City People's Hospital(峨眉山市人民医院)
    Add: No.2, Santaishan Fifth Street, Emei City峨眉山市三台山五街2号
    Tel: (0833)5522725
  • Emeishan City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine(峨眉山市中医医院)
    Add: No.1, TCM Street, Eastern Section of Mingshan Road, Emei City峨眉山市名山路东段中医街1号
    Tel: (0833)5555120,(0833)5522860
  • Emeishan Foguang Hostipal(峨眉山佛光医院)
    Add: No. 689, Wanfu West Road, Emei City峨眉山市万福西路689号
    Tel: (0833)5567999
  • Emeishan Oral Hospital(峨眉山口腔医院)
    Add: No.1 Fuxin Road, Emei City峨眉山市佛欣路1号
    Tel: (0833)2222920
  • Emeishan Red Cross Hospital(峨眉山市红十字会医院)
    Add: No. 143, Wannian West Road, Emei City峨眉山市万年西路143号
    Tel: 0833-5533754
  • Emeishan City Maternal and Child Health Hospital(峨眉山市妇幼保健院)
    Add: No.62, Middle Section of Mingshan Road, Emei City峨眉山市名山路中段62号
    Tel: 0833-5525384

Best Time to Visit Emei Mountain

Emei Mountain is a good place to explore all the year round. However, for most of us, spring and autumn are the best time to visit when the climate is mild and the scenery is the best. During the seasons, you can appreciate abundant blossoms of azaleas and red leaves changing from green to yellow and from yellow to red.

In summer, it's cool in Mount Emei which is a good place to escape from the heat. Full of green makes it a good place to relax. In the winter, the scenery of Mount Emei is also amazing. Besides, you can join the activities of skiing, skating, tug-of-war competition etc.

The best viewing time in Mount Emei:

  • Sunrise: 6:00(summer) and 7:00(winter)
  • Cloud Sea: 9:00-10:00, 15:00-16:00
  • Golden Buddhist Light: 9:00-10:00, 15:00-16:00
  • Wild Azalea Blossom: Lei Dongping - April to May, Wanfoding - May to June
  • Summer Retreat: June to October
  • Red Leaves: October
  • Snowscape & Skiing: November to March
  • Wild Monkeys: all year around

More about Best Time to Visit Emei Mountain.

What to Wear in Emeishan

Spring(March - May)

  • In the low mountain area, it is the same as that of other places. Just wear a T-shirt and jacket.
  • In middle mountain area, the temperature began to drop, but you can still wear a T-shirt and jacket if you are walking.
  • In the high mountain area, the temperature at the top of the mountain is below zero, so it's better to take a thick padded jacket or rent one at at the top of the mountain.

Summer(June - August)

  • Wear short sleeves in low mountain area. Even if it's a little cool, you will sweat when climbing.
  • When you get to the middle mountain area, you can wear a long sleeve.
  • In the high mountain area, you can wear a long sleeve during the day, but you need to wear a coat at night. If you want to see the sunrise, you need to prepare a thicker clothes.

Autumn(September - November)

  • Wear T-shirt and coat in low mountain area, and take a cotton vest if you are a little weak.
  • In the middle mountain area, it is similar to that of low mountain area, but the higher up, the lower the temperature is. It's right to take a thick coat.
  • In the high mountain area, thick cotton padded clothes are necessary.

Winter(December - February)

  • In the low mountain area and the middle mountain area, you can put on the winter cotton wadded jacket and other warm clothes.
  • When you get to the high mountain area, you must take thick clothes with you. If you feel cold, you can rent cotton coats on the mountain.

How to Get to Emeishan

Emeishan is a tourist city in Sichuan Province open to the outside world, with complete infrastructure and convenient transportation. At present, tourists can only take the flight to Chengdu and transfer to Emeishan city by bus or train. Chengdu-Kunming railway runs through the whole area from north to south, with highways extending and distributed in all directions densely. At present, there are only two ways to Mount Emei: railway or road. 

High Altitude of Mount Emei

The highest position of Mount Emei is the Wanfoding Tower (3099 meters). The golden summit is about 3077 meters above sea level. The altitude of the main scenic spots in Emei Mountain is: Lei Dongping (2430 meters); Xixiang Pool (2070 meters); Xianfeng Temple (1725 meters); Wannian Temple (1020 meters); Baoguo Temple (533 meters) and Yin Qing Pavilion (710 meters). It rises from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain about 2500 meters.

Instructions for Visiting the Temple

  • Entering the Temple: After entering the temple gate, it is not suitable to walk directly in the center. When entering the temple gate, you should walk along the left arm of you. The hat and walking stick should be carried by yourself. Never put them on the Buddha's case or the Buddha's seat.
  • Worshipping Buddha: The cushion in the center of the main hall is used by the master of the temple, which is not allowed to worship on it. It is better to worship on the cushions on both sides. Men on the right and women on the left. Never walk in front of one's head when he is worshipping.
  • Reading Scriptures: If there are public scriptures in the temple, you can sit and look at it at will. You must first clean your hands and put them on the table to look at them. You must not hold a roll or put it on your lap. Never put the cloaks and other things on the classics.
  • Worshipping Monks: They are called Master or Grand Monk. Not worship them when they worship Buddha, meditate, chant sutras, eat, sleep, do sutras or go to the toilet.
  • Multiplier: The bells, drums, fish and chimes in the temple are not allowed to be knocked; the tin staff, the clothes and bowls are not allowed to be moved casually.
  • Listening to Scripture: Sit down with the public. After sitting down, do not greet acquaintances, and do not sit up and cough. If you can't finish listening, show your palms together to the mage and withdraw in silence. You can't wave others to withdraw.

Notes for Monkey Watching

  • Monkey viewing time: 9:0 0-17:00;
  • Keep a safe distance when observing and appreciating them;
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring their own food to feed monkeys in the monkey area. They should buy monkey food to feed them from the monkey food sales point in the monkey area;
  • In case of monkeys blocking the road for food, do not shout or run, but ask the administrator for help;
  • Keep a natural and generous attitude when feeding, and remember not to touch the monkey;
  • Please take good care of your luggage and articles. They can be put in the luggage room of monkey area management station. Don't let monkey find your handbag, in case of being robbed;
  • Try to form a team where there are many monkeys. If you are afraid of monkey, you can buy a bamboo stick before entering the monkey area (below Jinding and above Qingyin Pavilion). Besides driving monkeys, it can also help yourf when climbing.
  • Wear loose clothes and do not wear too bright clothes to avoid irritating monkeys and causing unnecessary trouble.

More Travel Tips

  • In recent years, the withered leaf butterfly has become an endangered species in China due to over-capture. In order to protect it, please do not buy arts and crafts of withered leaf butterfly.
  • Tickets are valid for 2 natural days. The date of use is the first natural day. You can enter the mountain twice with your ID card within 2 days, but only once at the same entrance. The off-season price 110 yuan will be implemented from December 15 to January 15 of the following year.
  • Emei Mountain ticket gate (high-speed railway station ticket gate, Huangwan ticket gate, Baoguo Temple ticket gate, Banshan Wannian station ticket gate and Wuxiangang station ticket gate, zero kilometer ticket gate).
    Wuxiangang Station: The sightseeing bus run to Qingyinge, Yixiantian and Ecological Monkey Zone.
    Wannian Station: The sightseeing bus run to Wannian Temple and Bailong Cave.
    Zero km: The sightseeing bus run to Leidong Ping and walk for about half an hour to transfer to Jinding by the cableway.
  • Emei Mountain has low clouds, thick fog and heavy rainfall, so rain gear should be prepared. However, umbrellas with handles are not convenient for mountain climbing. You can buy disposable raincoat in the scenic spot. Emei Mountain is unique in winter, but it should be kept warm and pay attention to prevent slippery. It is best to buy ice grip and straw sandals in the tea shed near Hongchunping.
  • Although the incense is relatively cheap at the foot of the mountain, while the large temples on the mountain not allowed to use it. It is expensive in temples. Therefore, if you are not sincere tourists, think clearly before burning incense.

Edited by Hellen He/何琴