Emeishan Festivals and Events

Emeishan has a long history, many places of interest and scenic spots, resulting in a variety of festival and activities, which has become a unique scenic spot in Emeishan. Emeishan Festivals and Activities introduce a brief introduction of festivals and activities and tell travelers Top Things to Do for Emeishan festivals Tours and important Emeishan events and activities such as hiking, pilgrimage, skiing, etc.

Festivals in Emeishan

Emei Mountain Congregations(朝山会)

  • Time: May of each year, lasting for about 7 days;
  • Location: Temples in the mountain;
  • Main activities: Taking pilgrimage to the mountains and sightseeing as the main activities, and inviting eminent monks and virtues at home and abroad to hold a series of Dharma fairs, temple fairs, Kaiguang and pilgrimage activities, praying for blessings.

Ten Thousand Bright Lights to Puxian

  • Time: 20:00-21:00 on the first and 15th day of each month and Buddha's birthday;
  • Location: Wannian temple, the core of Puxian Taoism center;
  • Main activities: It is a grand Buddhist event with various religious activities.

The Lantern Festival Parade

  • Time: the 15th day of the first month of each year;
  • Location: Emeishan City;
  • Main activities: with local folk art performances as the main content, it is very popular with Emeishan citizens and tourists at home and abroad.

Emei Mountain Ice and Snow Festival

  • Time: from January to February of each year;
  • Location: Leidongping alpine ski resort and Wanfuding;
  • Main activities: alpine skiing, fun skiing, figure skating performance, snow mountain bike, dog sled, snow tug of war, snow modeling competition, family snowboarding competition, ice and snow Christmas Carnival Night, etc. In addition to various skiing activities, you can also watch the ice and snow days of Emei Mountain.

Emei Martial Arts Festival

  • Time: every two years;
  • Location: Emeishan City;
  • Main activities: Emei martial has formed a unique style of "combining rigidity and softness with internal and external training". It is also known as the three major schools of Chinese Wushu with Shaolin and Wudang, and can be regarded as the treasure of Chinese Wushu culture.

Activities in Emeishan

Emei Mountain Hiking

Emei Mountain is a very suitable place for hiking, because it is steep with an altitude of more than 3000 meters. Long steps, snow covered paths, stone roads in the water, etc., all the way to Jinding, you can explore the harshness of Emei Mountain.

Recommended Emei Mountain Hiking Tours:

Buddhist Pilgrimage

Mount Emei, also Emeishan Mountain, is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China and regarded as the Bodhimanda, or place of enlightenment, of the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra. As one of the four most sacred Buddhist Mountains in China, there are more than 30 Buddhist temples in the Mount Emei, such as Baoguo Temple, Fuhu Temple and Wannian Temple

Hot Spring Bathing

Hot spring is also an attractive activity in Emeishan, which has the largest hot spring resort in China. Hongzhushan hot spring, Lingxiu hot spring, Emeishan Yoga Hot Spring and Emeishan Tianyi hot spring have their own characteristics. As rare radon hot springs, they are not only good for skin health, but also can ward off many diseases, so the hot springs here are very popular with tourists.


Emeishan ski resort is the most popular ski resort around Chengdu, with a superior geographical location. Besides skiing, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Emeishan. There are many hot springs around. After a day's full play, you can enjoy the bathing in a hot spring. Emeishan ski resort is open to the public free of charge, but you need to buy admission ticket of Emei Mountain to get to the ski resort.

Monkeys Watching

Visitors to Emei are not only to experience the beautiful scenery of Emei mountain, but also to see the monkeys . These monkeys living in Emei Mountain have a wide range of distribution, especially in the monkey area of Emei Mountain, the number of monkeys is very large. The best place to watch the monkeys are Qingyin Pavilion, between Yixiantian and Hongchunping.

Appreciating Azalea

In the spring (April) to Mount Emei, when the azaleas are blooming, you can see a sea of colorful azaleas. During the time, nearly 30 kinds of Rhododendron sea are in full bloom, drawing the mountain into red, white, purple, yellow and pink. You will not only be surprised at its huge scale, but also revel in its fragrance.