Emeishan Dining

As the saying goes: A side water and soil raises a side people. Where we travel, there will be different delicious food. Emei Mountain, a famous scenic spot in China, has its own unique delicacies and snacks. Plan Emeishan food culture tour? Emeishan Dining introduces Emeishan Food and Restaurants including Emeishan Cuisine, Restaurants in Emeishan, Emeishan Snacks, What to Eat in Emeishan, Where to Eat in Emeishan, Emeishan Food Street.

What to Eat in Emeishan

Must-Taste Food in Emeishan

Vegetarian Feast in Emeishan

Because Mount Emei is a holy land of Buddhism and Taoism, Vegetarian Feast is a major feature of Mount Emei. The vegetarian dishes in Emeishan temple include bean curd and bean products processed by soybeans, gluten and gluten processed by flour, and vermicelli and other delicacies. The traditional production process of "imitating meat" is famous for its fine workmanship, exquisite carving, color, fragrance, taste and beauty. It's a feast for the eyes and the mouth. Famous Vegetarian feast are available in Baoguo Temple, Fuhu Temple and Wannian Temple. 

Local Snacks in Emeishan

More Famous Snacks in Emeishan.

Where to Eat in Emeishan City

Night Markets and Snack Street

There are many famous restaurants in Emeishan City, which provide many delicious food and snacks. These restaurants are usually located in the city center- Yizhen Delicious Food Street and Guangming Street. It's very convenient for you to get there from Emei Mountain scenic spot and Emei railway station. At these restaurants, you can find almost all the delicious food of Sichuan, as well as the local delicacies. 

Time-honored Restaurants/Stalls

  • Koufu Qiaojiao Beef(口福跷脚牛肉)
    Add: No. 88, Suishan East Road, Suishan Town, Emeishan City峨眉山市绥山镇绥山东路88号
    Tel: 18981315588
  • Emei Cao Duck(峨眉曹鸭子)
    Add: The intersection of Emeishan commercial street and North South Main Road峨眉山市商业街与南北干道十字路口处
    Tel: 0833-5560953
  • Rongsheng Restaurants(荣升饭店)
    Add: 300 meters away from Maluqiao Mingshan Gas Station峨眉山市马路桥名山加油站往景区方向300米处
    Tel: 0833-5590335
  • Ye Chaoshou(夜抄手)
    Add: No.84, next to Emei campus of Southwest Jiaotong University, south section of Mingshan Road, Emei City峨眉山市名山路南段84号西南交通大学峨眉校区旁
    Tel: 15283359195
  • Zhenglaojiu Stall(正老九)
    Add: Haochi Street, Emeishan City峨眉山市好吃街(近二毛冰粉前方斜对面)
    Tel: /
  • Wu Shaguo(武砂锅)
    Add: Near School of College, Emeishan峨眉山市中区近教育学院
    Tel: /
  • Shuiguoshi Tangguo(水果市汤锅)
    Add: No. 31, Wenmiao street, Shuishuichi, Emeishan峨眉山市喷水池文庙街31号
    Tel: /
  • Cao Cold Bean Jelly(曹凉粉)
    Add: No. 40-3, Xizheng Street, Emeishan峨眉山市西正街40号附3号(凯邦对面)
    Tel: /
  • Gao's Tofu Pudding(高记豆腐脑)
    Add: No. 112-114, Shuyuan Street, Emeishan峨眉山市书院街112-114号
    Tel: /
  • Yixiantian Jiabing(一线天老字号夹饼)
    Add: No. 28, Xizheng Street, Emeishan峨眉山市西正街28号
    Tel: /
  • Siwei Dumplings(思味水饺)
    Add: No. 116, Shuyuan Street, Emeishan峨眉山市书院街116号
    Tel: 0833-5531230

More Restaurants in Emeishan

Where to Eat in Emei Mount

Restaurants at Emei Mount(low mountain area)

  • Old Emei Local Restaurant(老峨眉土菜馆)
    Add: No.255, south section of Mingshan Road, Emeishan City峨眉山市名山路南段255号
    Tel: 15884380713;13308135193
  • Guxiangshi Qiaojiao Beef(古市香跷脚牛肉非物质文化遗产(天下名山店))
    Add: No. 37, Baoguosi Road, Emeishan峨眉山市报国寺路37号
    Tel: 0833-5590556
  • Taste Emei(品味峨眉)
    Add: No. 265, 267, 269, 271, Mingshan Road south section, Emeishan峨眉山名山路南段265号、267号、269号、271号
    Tel: 13308135193;15884380713
  • Lingxiu Hot Spring Hotel(灵秀温泉饭店)
    Add: Baoguo Temple scenic spot of Emei Mountain峨眉山报国寺景区
    Tel: 0833-5526888
  • Mingte Snack Street(名特小吃一条街)
    Add: Baoguo Temple scenic spot of Emei Mountain峨眉山报国寺景区
    Tel: /

Restaurants at Emei Mount(middle and high mountain area)

  • Xixiangchi Restaurant(洗象池饭馆)
    Add: Xixiangchi, Mount Emei
    Tel: /
  • Meishilin Dining Center(美食林餐饮中心)
    Add: Jinding hotel in Emeishan scenic spot峨眉山景区金顶大酒店
    Tel: 0833-5098111
  • Leidongping Restaurant(雷洞坪菜馆)
    Add: Parking Area, Leidongping, Mount Emei峨眉山风景区雷洞坪停车场
    Tel: /
  • Tianxiu Hotel(天秀饭店)
    Add: Parking Area, Leidongping, Mount Emei峨眉山风景区雷洞坪停车场
    Tel: 0833-5098051;0833-5098053;17723375723