Emeishan Shopping

Emeishan special local product can be roughly divided into five categories: tea, traditional Chinese medicine, local specialties, Buddhist Kaiguang souvenirs and handicrafts. Whether it's natural and healthy local products or handicrafts with strong cultural flavor, it's a must to shop in Emei Mountain. Emeishan Shopping Guide provides you the detailed information about Mount Emei local specialties, featured shopping areas, What and Where to Buy in Emeishan, Mount Emei Local Products, Souvenirs, Shopping Districts, Streets and Malls.

What to Buy in Emeishan

Emei Tea

The tea of Emeishan was famous as early as the Jin Dynasty. Before the founding of the people's Republic of China, the monk Qingguan of Emeishan used the fresh leaves of Longdong tea and the tea making technology of Hangzhou to produce the "E Rui" with beautiful fiber, clear green leaves and pure taste, which is famous all over the world. At present, the most famous tea in Emei Mountain include: green bamboo leaf, Emei snow bud, Xianzhi bamboo tip, Emei organic tea, etc.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Emei Mountain has been called "Xianshan Medicine Park" since ancient times. It has rich medicinal plants and animals. Many medicinal plants are also rare and precious medicinal materials in China. All the traditional Chinese medicine stalls in the scenic spot and the major pharmacies in the city have traditional Chinese medicine for sale. It's a wise choice to buy some for friends or to eat by yourself. 

Cordyceps sinensis is a very precious Chinese medicine in Emei Mountain, which is used to nourish and strengthen the body. Cordyceps sinensis has been regarded as a strange medicine since ancient times.

Snow Konjac

Originated from the Golden Summit of Emei Mountain, in the 1930s, the abbot of the golden palace of Emei Mountain (Yongming Huazang Temple), monk Shengwei, once happened to find that some remaining konjac (commonly known as black tofu) frozed into a sponge shape after several days of frost and snow freezing, and it tasted extremely delicious, so he made the trial production, and began to make it, and the snow konjac came out from then on.

Buddhist Kaiguang Souvenirs

The Kaiguang souvenirs of Emei Mountain include golden Buddha statues, riding Buddha statues, Buddha beads, amulets, body protection cards, jade pendants, etc., which can be bought by Buddhist believers or people interested in Buddhism for a safe life.

Arts and Crafts

With the unique animal and plant resources of Emei Mountain as the raw materials, a variety of handicrafts with strong local characteristics are made, such as gold wood crafts, cane crafts, monkey crafts, etc., which are sold along the scenic spot.

Where to Buy in Emeishan

When shopping in Emeishan, many people will buy local products in souvenir shops in and around the scenic area (such as Haochi Street). Of course, if you consider economic benefits, you can also go to the urban area to buy. Although there are not many shopping malls and supermarkets in the urban area, the scale is also average, but they can meet the basic shopping needs. If you want to buy some special products of the letter of hand and take them home, the goods in these places can also be purchased at one time.

  • Famous Local Specialty Shopping Center(名优土特产购物中心)
    Add: auxiliary road of Mingshan Road South section, Emeishan City峨眉山市名山路南段辅路
    Tel: /
  • Haomeijia Supermarket(好美佳超市)
    Add: Life square of Emei campus of Southwest Jiaotong University, Emeishan (near Baoguo Temple)峨眉山市西南交大峨眉校区生活广场(近报国寺)
    Tel: 0833-5093189
  • Womei Chain(沃美连锁(佛光店))
    Add: Shuyuan street, Emeishan (near Foguang Square)峨眉山市书院街(近佛光广场)
    Tel: /
  • Yisheng Department Store(伊盛百货)
    Add: No. 75, Suishan West Road, Emeishan City峨眉山市绥山西路75号
    Tel: 0833-5569606; 0833-5569073
  • Jiajiale Supermarket(家家乐连锁超市)
    Add: Santaishan street, Emeishan City峨眉山市三台山街
    Tel: 0833-4236597