Emeishan Education

In 2009, Emeishan City invested 82.45 million yuan to complete the post disaster reconstruction of education and passed the provincial government's education supervision and evaluation. In the compulsory education stage, 35000 students were exempted from miscellaneous fees and textbook fees, 736000 yuan of living allowance was provided to poor boarders, and 3809000 yuan was subsidized to poor students. Emeishan Education and Schools introduce Emeishan Education tours and some information about the Kindergarten, primary schools, international schools, middle schools, colleges and universities in Emeishan. It helps students and teachers to design students education tours with local schools in Emeishan. 

Basic Information of Emeishan Education in 2009

  Students Enrolled Internal Students
Undergraduate College 725 /
Senior High School 2371 6308
Junior High School 4787 14831
Primary School 2786 21986

Universities, Colleges and Vocational Schools in Emeishan

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Emei Campus of Southwest Jiaotong University 西南交通大学峨眉校区 No. 6, Section 2 of Jingqu Road, Emeishan City峨眉山市景区路二段6号 0833-5198163
Emei Campus of Chengdu University of TCM 成都中医药大学峨眉学院 No.216, south section of Mingshan Road, Emeishan City峨眉山市名山路南段216号 0833-5522807
School of Quality and Techology Supervision of Sichuan Province 四川省质量技术监督学校 No. 98, Yinhe Street, Emeishan峨眉山市银河街98号 0833-5522742
Emeishan Vocational and Technical School 峨眉山市职业技术教育中心 No. 69, Yanbei South Road, Emeishan City峨眉山市雁北南路69号 5522223 

Top Middle and High Schools in Emeishan

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Emeishan No. 1 Middle School 峨眉山市第一中学校 No. 161, Xizheng street, Emeishan City峨眉山市西正街161号 0833-5522230
Emeishan No. 2 Middle School 峨眉山市第二中学校 No. 126, Mingshan Road East section, Emeishan City峨眉山市名山路东段126号 0833-5522797
Emeishan No. 3 Middle School 峨眉山市第三中学校 No. 68, Fubei Road, Emeishan峨眉山市符北路68号 0833-5522223
Jiuli Town No.1 Junior Middle School 九里镇第一初级中学校 Jiuli Town, Emeishan峨眉山市九里镇 0833-5572358
Gaoqiao Town Junior Middle School 高桥镇初级中学校 Gaoqiao Town, Emeishan峨眉山市高桥镇 0833-5070127
Luomu Town Junior Middle School 罗目镇初级中学校 Luomu Town, Emeishan峨眉山市罗目镇 0833-5320235
Dawei Town Junior Middle School 大为镇初级中学校 Dawei Town, Emeishan峨眉山市大为镇 0833-5460014
Shengli Town Junior Middle School 胜利镇初级中学校 Shengli Town, Emeishan峨眉山市胜利镇 0833-5531534
Guihuaqiao Town Junior Middle School 桂花桥镇初级中学校 Guihuaqiao Town, Emeishan峨眉山市桂花桥镇 0833-5052467
Puxing Township Junior Middle School 普兴乡初级中学校 Puxing Township, Emeishan峨眉山市普兴乡 0833-5369354
Xinping Township Junior Middle School 新坪乡初级中学校 Gongzhu village, Shengli Town, Emeishan City峨眉山市胜利镇龚竹村 0833-5389140
Huangwan Township Junior Middle School 黄湾乡初级中学校 Group 5, Wannian village, huangwan Township黄湾乡万年村五组 0833-5090042
Eshan Town  Junior Middle School 峨山镇初级中学校 No. 32, Mingshan Road South Section, Emeishan City峨眉山市名山路南段32号 0833-5593381
Emeishan No. 1 Middle School 峨眉山市第六中学校 Wanfu West Road, Emeishan City峨眉山市万福西路 0833-5524140
Experimental Foreign Language School of Emei No.2 Middle School 峨眉二中实验外国语学校 No. 20, Mingshan Road South Section, Emeishan City峨眉山市名山路南段20号 /
Emeishan No. 4 Middle School 峨眉山市第四中学校 No. 215, Dongxin Road, Emeishan峨眉山市东新路215号 0833-5521434

Top Elementary Schools in Emeishan

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Emeishan Hope Foreign Language Primary School 峨眉山市希望外国语小学 No. 78, Yanbei South Road, Suishan Town, Emeishan City峨眉山市绥山镇雁北南路78号 0833-5560765
Emeishan Experimental Primary School 峨眉山市实验小学 No. 2, Sangyuan street, Emeishan City峨眉山市桑园街2号 /
Emeishan No.1 Primary School 峨眉山市第一小学校 No. 169, Section 1, Binhe Road, Suishan Town, Emeishan City峨眉山市绥山镇滨河路一段169号 /
Shaxi Central Primary School 沙溪乡中心小学校 Group 3, Liane village, Shaxi Township沙溪乡连峨村三组 0833-5320409
Jiuli Town No.1 Primary School  九里镇第一小学校 Taiziba, Jiuli Town, Emeishan City峨眉山市九里镇台子坝 0833-5572303
Gaoqiao Town Primary School 高桥镇小学校 Gaoqiao Town, Emeishan City峨眉山市高桥镇 0833-5070214
Luomu Town Primary School 罗目镇小学校 Huoshen Miao, Luomu Town, Emeishan City峨眉山市罗目镇火神庙 0833-5520277
Dawei Town Primary School  大为镇小学校 Group 3, Dawei village, Dawei town大为镇大为村三组 0833-5460208
Longchi Town Primary School 龙池镇小学校 No. 12, Shangdajie, Longchi town龙池镇上大街12号 0833-5582039
Shengli Town Primary School 胜利镇小学校 Gongzhu village, Shengli town胜利镇龚竹村 0833-5521580

Top Kindergartens in Emeishan

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Suishan No.1 Kindergarten 绥山镇第一幼儿园 No. 46, Jinding North Road, Suishan Town, Emeishan City峨眉山市绥山镇金顶北路46号 0833-5522304
Suishan No.2 Kindergarten 绥山镇第二幼儿园 Mingshan West Road, Suishan, Emeishan City峨眉山市绥山名山西路 0833-5522808
Luomu Town Tianjiao Kindergarten 罗目镇天骄幼儿园 Group 1, Ju'an village, Luomu Town, Emeishan City峨眉山市罗目镇鞠安村1组 0833-5590123
Antesiku Kindergarten  峨眉安特思库幼儿园 No. 258, Fanhe 1st Street, opposite the Hepan Mingzhu, Suishan town绥山镇河畔明珠对面范河一街258号 0833-5551372
Bright International Kindergarten 博睿特国际幼稚园 No. 19, Binhu West Road滨湖西路19号 0833-5555156
Emeishan Experimental Kindergarten 峨眉山市实验幼儿园 No. 3, Yinhe Street, Suishan Town, Emeishan City峨眉山市绥山镇银河街3号 0833-5522808

Emeishan Educational Tours

For ten years, we have helped teachers and students discover the world through culturally immersive educational travel. Our student programs are designed for participating in diverse local activities and improving student’s appreciation for traditional Chinese values and lifestyles. Students can live with homestay families who have been chosen and trained in hosting student groups. These experiences with the local people will provide memories and learnings that will last a lifetime. If you are interested in Emeishan Students Educational Tours, please contact us.