12 Days China Adoption Heritage Tour: Beijing-Xian-Chengdu-Guilin

China is one of the countries with the most complete categories of world heritage sites, and the country with the largest number of dual cultural and natural heritage sites in the world (tied with Australia). This tour will bring you to Beijing, Xian, Chengdu and Guilin, and visit the world-famous scenic spots.


  • Explore the world heritages in China.
  • Learn about history of Chinese heritage.
  • Learn the different culture of notrth and south culture.

Brief Itinerary

  • Day 1: Beijing Arrival
  • Day 2: Beijing
  • Day 3: Beijing
  • Day 4: Beijing – Xian
  • Day 5: Xian
  • Day 6: Xian – Chengdu
  • Day 7: Chengdu – Dujiangyan – Chengdu
  • Day 8: Chengdu
  • Day 9:  Guilin – Yangshuo
  • Day 10: Yangshuo
  • Day 11: Yangshuo – Longsheng
  • Day 12: Longsheng – Guilin Airport/Train Station

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Beijing Arrival

Sightseeing and Activities:
Accommodation: Beijing

Arrival at Beijing international Airport, warmly welcomed by your guide and driver. Transfer with comfortable vehicle to your hotel. Your guide will help you check in. You will take a good rest after a long flight.

Day 2 Beijing

Sightseeing and Activities: Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City, Rickshaw riding and  local family visiting in Hutong
Accommodation: Beijing
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Tiananmen Square in Beijing

In the morning, you will visit Tian’anmen Square. It’s located in the center of Beijing, where you can visit Tian’anmen Tower, Monument to the People’s Heroes, Great Hall of the People, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall and see the national flag raising ceremony. Then keep walking to Forbidden City which also known as the Palace Museum, and Gu Gong in Chinese, lies at the city center of Beijing, and once served as the imperial palace for 24 emperors during the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 – 1911).

In the afternoon, you will visit Hutongin Beijing. You will ride a rickshaw and visit a local family in Hutong. Hutong is the name given to a narrow lane, alley, or small street between rows of single-storey Siheyuan dwelled by Beijingers in the past. When viewed from the air the interlaced lanes resemble a maze or a chessboard with delicate gardens, fine rockeries and ancient ruins which makes them a wonder in the world.

You will be transferred back to hotel after the tour. You can watch Chinese Kung Fu Show by yourself. It’s a thrilling modern day theatrical production, bringing together traditional Chinese martial arts and a vibrant show atmosphere. Performed daily at the widely acclaimed Beijing Red Theatre, it’s one of the best kungFu Show in China.

Day 3 Beijing

Sightseeing and Activities: Mutianyu Great Wall, Bird’s Nest, Summer Palace visiting and Boating
Accommodation: Beijng
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing

Pick you up at the lobby of your hotel at 7:00am (it is holiday, we may meet traffic jam), we will drive you to Mutianyu Great Wall. It will take around 2 hours to arrive the Great Wall, depends on the traffic. The round trip cableway will take you up to the 14th watch tower to save your time and strength. You can hike for about 2 hours with your guide on the Great Wall.

When you come back from Mutianyu Great Wall, you will visit Bird NestIt was designed as the main stadium of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The Olympic events of track and field, football, gave-lock, weight throw and discus were held there. Then you can stroll around the Summer Palace. Visit the largest and most complete existing royal garden, reputed as the royal garden museum. We will be boating on kunming lake in the Summer Palace, you will have the best view of the Hill of Longevity from then lake. it’s a good way to explore this largest and best-preserved imperial garden in China.

Day 4 Beijing – Xian

Sightseeing and Activities: Temple of Heaven
Accommodation: Xian
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

This morning, you will visit Temple of HeavenIt was built in 1420, this huge structure is where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshipped the god of heaven and offered sacrifices to heaven to ensure a good harvest. It is now a cultural museum that chronicles the history of China through its architecture, art, music and more.

Take a bullet train to Xi’an, meet your Xian local guide at train station.

Day 5 xian

Sightseeing and Activities: Terracotta Army, Shaanxi Provincial Museum, Giant Goose Pagoda, Muslim Street
Accommodation: Xian
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Terracotta Army, Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Xian

Terracotta Army: Funerary art buried with the emperor in 210–209 BCE and whose purpose was to protect the emperor in his afterlife.

Shaanxi Provincial Museum: One of the first huge state museums with modern facilities in China and one of the largest.

Small Wild Goose Pagoda: During the Tang Dynasty, the Small Wild Goose Pagoda stood across a street from its mother temple, the Dajianfu Temple. Pilgrims brought sacred Buddhist writings to the temple and pagoda from India, as the temple was one of the main centers in Chang’an for translating Buddhist texts.

Chinese Calligraphy experience: learn and try basic chinese calligraphy, try to write some simple simple chinese vocabulary and your name with Ink brush. It last for 30 – 60 minutes.

Option of Muslim Street Visit: It’s very crowded. Delicious snacks are not hard to find on Muslim Street, from Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, Chinese hamburgers, cool noodles, Jingao rice pieces and steamed stuffed buns and the like. The restaurants in the streets are all owned and operated by Muslims, and various Islamic foods are easily available here, such as the local favorite roasted beef, roasted fish, and pancakes. Food on Muslim street is diverse and quite affordable.

Day 6 Xian – Chengdu

Sightseeing and Activities:  City Wall of Xian
Accommodation: Chengdu
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

City wall of Xian: Represent one of the oldest, largest and best preserved Chinese city walls. It was built under the rule of the Hongwu Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang as a military defense system. Option biking on the City Wall is available.

Take a bullet train to Chengdu (D1937 14:00 – 17:43), pick up from Chengdu Trainstation, transfer to hotel in chengdu.

Day 7 Chengdu – Dujiangyan – Chengdu

Sightseeing and Activities: Panda Keeper Volunteer Program at Dujiangyan Panda Base
Accommodation: Chengdu
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Dujiangyan Panda Base is the most easily accessible base in China to join the Panda Keeper Program. Highlights of this program: -Spend the day with pandas as a Panda Keeper! -Feed the Giant Panda twice a day! -Learn more about China’s pandas up close and personal. Spend half a day getting to know the Middle Kingdom’s most cuddly denizen at the Dujiangyan Panda Base while working together in the panda enclosures with the panda keepers as a volunteer.

Day 8 Chengdu

Sightseeing and Activities: Sichuan cuisine cooking class and family dumpling making, Jinsha Site Museum
Accommodation: Chengdu
Meals: Breakfast

Sichuan cuisine cooking class and family dumpling making experience: Choose one person from each family to learn how to cook 2-3 dishes of the most classic Sichuan cuisines, at the same time, the others from the family will make dumpling together. Your Lunch are what you made.

Visit of Jinsha Site Museum: Under the comprehensive protection system, a large number of precious cultural relics have been collected in Jisha Site Museum such as the Sun and Immortal Bird gold decoration, gold mask, jade, ivory and so on.At Jinsha,you will experience the brilliance of Chengdu’s history and splendor of the ancient kingdom .Jinsha Site is selected as National Cultural Relics Protection Unit, National Archeological Site Park. The museum is National Top Class Museum. Jinsha site is also tin the list of tentative world heritage sites.In this nice Archeological Site and Museum, you will see amazing Ancient Archeological Dig and Artifacts.

In late afternoon take flight from chengdu to guilin,  transfer to hotel in Guilin.

Day 9 Guilin – Yangshuo

Sightseeing and Activities: Lijiang River Cruise, Xianggong Shan Mountain
Accommodation: Yangshuo
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Li River in Guilin

Lijiang River Cruise: Li River(Li Jiang) Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo

Xianggongshan Mountain: A few years ago, a local photographer took some pictures on the top of this mountain and won the bronze prize in an international photography contest, making Xianggong Mountain famous overnight. From then on, it became a popular tourist destination beloved by enthusiastic photographers.

Day 10 Yangshuo

Sightseeing and Activities:  Silver Cave, Bamboo Rafting on yulong river
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Silver Cave in Yangshuo County, Guilin

Silver Cave: It is the largest karst cave in Guilin and fully shows the charm of the typical karst landform in south China. Numerous crystal stalactites extend from the roof of the cave like stars in a falling Milky Way. They glitter like silver and diamonds under the colorful lights, giving the cave its name: Silver Cave.

Bamboo Rafting on yulong river: Taking a bamboo raft ride on the Yulong River (or dragon river), a tributary of the Li River, is a very relaxing way to enjoy the highly scenic area south of Yangshuo. Here you can enjoy the stunning scenery and views of country life on a non-motorised raft in the traditional way with a gondolier who steers you over the breakwaters past many small mud-brick villages and farmlands.

Day 11 Yangshuo – Longsheng

Sightseeing and Activities: Longsheng Rice Terraces (Dragon’s Backbone) visiting and hiking
Accommodation: Longsheng
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces in Guilin

Longsheng Rice Terraces: Located about 100 km west of Guilin, the terraces fields are built along the slope from the riverside up to the mountain top, resembling a dragon’s backbone (means Longji in Chinese). Most of these terraces fields were built 500 years ago and developed by the local minority people living in the 13 villages. Views are stunning when taking a few short hikes to the mountain top and into the fields from any villages, among which Ping’an, Dazhai and Jinkeng are most popular. Depending on the different time of year, you will see different colours: water glittering in spring, green rice shoots in summer, golden rice in fall, and silvery frost in winter.

Day 12 Longsheng – Guilin Airport/Train Station

Sightseeing and Activities:
Meals: Breakfast

Today you will be private transferred to either airport or train station for traveling to orphanage visit. Service end.

Service Included:

  • Admission fees for all of the sightseeing spots listed in the itinerary;
  • Meals as listed in the itinerary;
  • Hotels as listed in the itinerary;
  • Private English-speaking tour guide;
  • Private vehicle for transfers & sightseeing with skilled driver;
  • Service charge & government taxes;
  • Luggage transfers between airports and hotels;

Service Excluded:

  • Any arrival and departure international airfares or train tickets;
  • Chinese visa fees;
  • Excess baggage charged by Airlines;
  • Single room supplement;
  • Tips to guides and drivers;
  • Personal expenses and gratuities to service staff;
  • Personal travel accident insurance;
  • All optional programs.