Emeishan Administrative Divisions

Emeishan City is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Province and administered by the prefecture-level city Leshan. Up to 2013, Emeishan City governed 12 towns and 6 townships. The Municipal People's government is located in Suishan town. Emeishan City Administrative Division introduces Places to Visit in Emeishan and explore the interesting Regions, Areas, Towns and Townships. 

  • 12 Towns: Suishan Town(绥山镇), Gaoqiao Town(高桥镇), Luomu Town(罗目镇), Jiuli Town(九里镇), Longchi Town(龙池镇), Ledu Town(乐都镇), Fuxi Town(符溪镇), Eshan Town(峨山镇), Shuangfu Town(双福镇), Guihuaqiao Town(桂花桥镇), Dawei Town(大为镇) and Shengli Town(胜利镇)
  • 6 Townships: Longmen Township(龙门乡), Chuanzhu Township(川主乡), Shaxi Township(沙溪乡), Xinping Township(新平乡), Puxing Township(普兴乡) and Huangwan Township(黄湾乡)

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