Chinese Martial Arts Museum in Shanghai

Why is Chinese Martial Arts Museum in Shanghai so Special?

The Chinese Martial Arts Museum is the first museum in the world to display the history and culture of martial arts in an all-round way, with a total area of about 1680 square meters. It has more than 2000 collections and uses a variety of modern scientific and technological means to display martial arts culture.

Where is Chinese Martial Arts Museum in Shanghai?

The Chinese martial arts museum is located at No. 399, Changhai Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, in the gymnasium of Shanghai University of Sports.

How to Get There?

  • Take Metro Line 8, get off at Nenjiang Road Station and get out from Exit 3. Walk east along Nenjiang Road and enter Shanghai University of Sports from the north gate. Then you can see the museum.
  • Take Bus No. 28, 61, 139, 522, 538, 577, 813, 842, 854 or 870 and get off at Zhongyuanlu Minxinglu Station. Walk north for two minutes to reach a crossing and turn west to walk along Nenjiang Road. Then enter Shanghai University of Sports from the north gate.

Venue Introduction

There are two floors, one floor on the ground and one floor underground. The floor on the ground is martial arts history and historical exhibits, and the floor underground is interactive experience area.

Chinese martial arts museum is divided into preface hall, boxing hall, history hall, temporary exhibition hall, three-dimensional cinema and digital multimedia interaction areas. According to the time, the hall of history, from the primitive society, Xia, Shang, spring and autumn, Qin, Han, Three Kingdoms, Wei, Jin, southern and Northern Dynasties, Tang, song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, to the Republic of China, new China and modern times, respectively, displayed Wushu representatives of different periods.

There are also three-dimensional cinemas and digital multimedia interactive areas in the exhibition hall. In the special “time and space tunnel”, visitors can enter the future ecological martial arts area. A large book shaped stone slab stands in the museum. Tourists turn the book in front of the book. The computer-controlled book shaped stone slab can turn the book virtually. There are more than ten computers in the museum, which are martial arts data base. Classic martial arts movies and martial arts games can be found in it.

Useful Travel Tips

1.Admission Fee: Free

2.Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 9:00 – 16:00; Closed on Sunday and Monday

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