China Maritime Museum in Shanghai

Why is China Maritime Museum in Shanghai so Special?

China Maritime Museum is the first national Maritime Museum in China, and it is also the largest and highest comprehensive Maritime Museum in China. There are more than 20000 items related to Maritime in the museum.

Where is China Maritime Museum in Shanghai?

China Maritime Museum is located at No. 197, Shengang Avenue, Nanhui new city, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.

How to Get There?

  • Take subway line 16 to Dishuihu Station, and leave the station from Exit 2. A choice of buses will take you near the Museum.
  • Take Bus No.1096 to Huanhuxi Second Road Shen’gang Avenue Station, then walk about 400 meters (446 yards) to the museum.
  • Take Bus Pudong No.33 to Huanhuxi Second Road Shen’gang Avenue Station, then walk about 300 meters (316 yards) to the museum
  • Take Bus No. 1043 to Huanhuxi Third Road Shen’gang Avenue Station, then walk about 300 meters (316 yards) to the museum.
  • You can take a taxi after you get out of the metro station, at a cost of about CNY 15.

Exhibition Hall

Maritime History Museum

The Maritime History Museum is the key exhibition hall of China Navigation Museum.

Based on time, the museum is divided into three exhibition areas. With the main time line of shipbuilding and maritime technologies such as buoyancy ferry, canoe, wooden boat, sail, oar, rudder and compass will be developed in parallel, so that the visitors can have a deeper understanding of the invention and evolution of China’s maritime technology.

Ship Hall

The Ship Hall is divided into two parts: ship structure and equipment, and ship manufacturing.

Through the decomposition, introduction and display of ship structure, equipment and construction, a clear and transparent ship drawing is presented to the audience. At the same time, it combines interaction, environmental simulation, audience participation, cultural relics and real objects. When the ship structure is displayed, a 1:6 large 10000 ton cargo ship height simulation section model is made, with a length of about 25 meters and a height throughout the two-layer display space.

Navigation and Harbor Hall

The Navigation and Harbor Hall mainly displays the marine environment, all kinds of instruments and meters to ensure the navigation of ships from ancient times to the present, including the local and cultural navigation, astronomical navigation, radio navigation, etc. At the same time, a large number of cultural relics and objects reflecting the port and waterway are displayed.

Maritime and maritime security Museum

The maritime and maritime security museum is composed of two independent exhibition areas: Maritime and maritime security.

The museum displays the evolution of maritime affairs and maritime supervision and law enforcement through physical objects and auxiliary graphics. The maritime security center displays the contents of maritime rescue, salvage and prevention of piracy through objects, models, multimedia, electronic maps, etc.

Seafarers’ Hall

The Seafarers’ Hall mainly displays the material objects and documents closely related to Seafarers’ work and life. The navigation simulator located in the center of the exhibition hall takes the large container ship cab as the prototype of the simulator, which vividly displays the characteristics of modern ship driving work, so that the audience can experience the feeling of being a captain once again by actively manipulating the ship.

Military Navigation Center

The Military Navigation Center is divided into two parts: the construction of the Chinese people’s navy and the knowledge of warships.

It focuses on all kinds of warship models, Navy flags and Navy uniforms, and high simulation restores the submarine command cabin. The shipborne guns and other objects were displayed outside.

Useful Travel Tips

1.Admission Fee: CNY 50/person; CNY40/person for groups of more than 16. ; Free of charge for children under 1.4m (4.6 feet) accompanied by an adult with a ticket.; Free of charge on July 11, China National Maritime Day

2.Open Time: 9:30 -16:00, entry closes at 15:30; Closed on Mondays, except for holidays.

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Edited by Olive Zhang/张银芳