Yantai Mashanzhai Golf Club

Located in Mashanzhai, Laishan District of Yantai —-a seaside city in Jiaodong Peninsula, Yantai Mashanzhai Woosnam Golf Club(烟台马山寨高尔夫俱乐部) is the 15th golf course constructed by Nanshan Group. This golf course is 7 kilometers from Yantai Municipal Government and 15 kilometers from Yantai International Airport, and it boasts complete and convenient land, sea and air transportation networks.

Yantai borders Weihai on the east, Weifang on the west, Qingdao on the south and the Bohai Sea on the north. Opposite to the Liaodong Peninsula, and facing Dalian city across the Bohai Sea, Yantai is an international seaport, commercial and tourist city of the Bohai Sea Economic Rim and East Asia.

Mashanzhai, with its rugged terrain, was a strategic military fortress in ancient China. During the Ming Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Hongwu, the government assigned garrisons to guard Mashanzhai against the harassment of foreigners. Now in Mashanzhai you can still find defense facilities such as the Langyan Tower (Beacon Tower) and city walls built in the Ming Dynasty. Sitting in Mashanzhai, Yantai Mashanzhai Woosnam Golf Course is a trophy level international golf course co-designed by Ian Woosnam with 44 gold medals of international matches including European PGA Tour champion for two sessions and US Master Champion (1991), and World Sport Group IMG. With an area of 1,300,000㎡ and the golf routes spanning 7228 yards, this golf course is surrounded by the ocean in three sides. This golf course makes full use of its geographical conditions near the mountain and by the sea so that players can get a Sea-view from any of the 18 holes here. Mashanzhai Woosnam Golf Course, with its verdant golf routes surrounded by the picturesque and majestic Mahanzhai along the blue and boundless Bohai Bay, would provide players with an ideal realm pursued by elites.

Next to the ancient Beacon Tower on the highest peak of Mashanzhai Golf Course is a European-style private clubhouse with a building area of 10,000㎡. This clubhouse provides players a nice and serene place to relax. From Lounge for Members—-a unique one in our clubhouse, you can command a view of the whole golf course by looking in the vicinity; while looking in the distance you can obtain a view of the boundless and majestic ocean. Sipping wines, appreciating Sea-view, these luxuries are surely recreations for world elites. Next to the clubhouse is the Sea-view Hotel, a five-star hotel with 170 guestrooms, and it will soon be completed and get ready for accommodating guests.

By grace of its favorable geographical location, precious seaside resources, excellent designing and supervising groups, and 279 holes golf courses under Nanshan International Golf Club, the international level seaside golf resort stands proudly on the Jiaodong Peninsula. It has become a symbol of Yantai, a city honored as the State Garden City, City with Optimum Charm in China, Excellent Touring City in China, Economic and Trade City in the Asia-Pacific Region, International Grape and Wine City, and State Civilized City.

Yantai Mashanzhai Golf Club (Nanshan Group)

Mashanzhai, Laishan District, Shandong, China

Phone: +86 535 866 6536, Fax: +86 535 861 6789

Chinese Name:烟台马山寨高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:山东烟台市莱山区马山寨