Yantai Dining

Nowadays, you could easily find various shops and restaurants that have diverse choices for eating in any cities in China. In order to show you some choices with specialty and local characteristics, we offer some recommended dishes and places for you to refer.

Recommended Dishes

  • Yantaimenzi (烟台焖子): It is a popular snack in Yantai. You could see it anywhere in local streets. The snack is fried bean jelly with unique prawn oil, sesame paste and ground garlic as seasonings.
  • Fushan Noodles (福山拉面): It has about 300 hundred years of history and is known as one of the four great noodles in China. This kind of noodles is divided into solid sheet, macaroni and fine noodles.
  • Jiaozi Stuffed with Mackerel (鲅鱼水饺): Yantai provides good location which is rich in seafood so that food there specializes in fresh ingredients from the sea. Mackerels are good ingredients in spring. When they were stuffed in Jiaozi, it becomes a dish that shows local characteristics.
  • Jiaodong Steamed Stuffed Bun (胶东大包子): Every family could make this Jiaodong Steamed Stuffed Bunin Yantai. The steamed bun there is different from that in other places. And it is characteristic of big size and heavy weight.
  • Steamed Bun (开花馒头): Wheat-based food is a significant part in northern part of China. And steamed buns in north vary from each other. Steamed bun is one of the traditional foods in Yantai.
  • Yuguopianpian (鱼锅片片): It is a popular dish with strong local characteristic in Yantai because it takes fresh fish from the sea as ingredients. All the ingredients are put into a pot and thin cake which is made of corn flakes is adorned on the edge of the pot.
  • Penglai Noodles (蓬莱小面): It is a traditional snack with long history in Yantai. This kind of noodles is handmade. Lots of seasonings are added and its thick seafood flavor is fully shown.

Recommended Places

Penglaichun Restaurant

It is a time-honored restaurant and specializes in cooking seafood. It's said that many cooks there have been cooking for years and their rich experience provides delicious dishes for customers.
Location: No.13 Dingxi Road

Sanheyuan Dumpling Shop

The shop offers various dumplings with different flavor and stuffed ingredients.
Location: No.187, Erma Road

Jiaodongxiaochu Restaurant

The restaurant is near the Yantai University and it provides various seafood and traditional Yantai dishes.
Location: No.65 Qingquan Road

Shangkuangxilu Food Street

It is situated in the south of Huanshan South Road and north of Hongqi Middle Road in Yantai. It gathers over 120 restaurants there. You could eat food with local characteristics as well as dishes from other part of China.

Yantai Renjia Old Restaurant

The restaurant specializes in Lu dishes and you could eat manufacture traditional dishes there. It is recommended by customers who have been there.
Location: No.32 Beima Road, Yantai

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