Yantai Festivals and Events

Taking part in local festivals and activities is fun and interesting, and it is a favorable way to get closer to their people and cultures. In addition to traditional Chinese festivals, there are some local activities and festivals in Yantai. Here is basic information about some activities.

Yuhuangding Temple Fair

Time: the 19th day of the first lunar month
Location: Yuhuangding Park
Introduction: It is said that the Jade Emperor’s birthday falls on the 19th day of the first lunar month so lots of people go to the park to pray for his bless this day. Thus, Peking opera and Yanko performances could be shown, and various folk handicrafts as well as varying local snacks are sold.

Tashan Fair

Time: the 3rd day of the third lunar month, lasting one week
Location: Tashan
Introduction: Pear flowers blossom during the period, which represents wonder views. Also, the Taiping Temple, which provides a platform for Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, receives a number of prayers so that the fair is formulated. During this fair, dragon dance, lion performance, local opera show, cockfighting, etc. would be shown.

Spring Outing on Kunyu Mountain

Time: mid to late April
Location: Kunyu Mountain
Introduction: During this time, Kunyu Mountain scenic spot always launches some activities like flowers appreciation, the mountaineering fitness, treasure hunting actions, martial art performances, Yanko performances, etc. Also, the scenic spot carries on the Red Tour, the science popularization tour, the wild vegetable meals, the ecology tour, etc.

Laiyang Pear Flower Festival

Time: April 20th
Location: Xianhe Park
Introduction: Laiyang is known as the home of pear. When it comes to April, the place welcomes a gorgeous sea of pear flowers.