Yantai Attractions

With a splendid location that situated on Shandong Peninsula, Yantai is blessed with beautiful islands and seashores which always make a deep impression on visitors. Especially, when summer comes, the breeze wafts from the sea and the hills become ornamented with a sea of wildflowers. All these natural things show the city more charming and create many renowned attractions for visitors as well. Besides, cultural relics and places could bring you a visual feast and new realizations about cultures as well. Here are some attractions you could choose to visit, like Penglai Pavilion Scenic Area, Changyu Wine Culture Museum, Baxianguohai Scenic Area, Sanxianshan Scenic Area, Nanshan Tourist Scenic Spot, Kunyushan National Forest Park, Yantai Gold Beach, Yangma Island, Yantai Ta Mountain, etc.