Yantai Culture

As a significant prefecture-level city in Shandong, Yantai is a place which has distinctive and rich local culture.

Yantai’s Name

In ancient time, Yantai was named Fu, and later it was called Zhifu. About 20 thousand year ago, people were found living there. Since the Xia and Shang Dynasty, the control of Yantai was paid much attention.

Qinshihuang’s Three Eastern Visiting

The first emperor of Qin State, he ever had three eastern visiting which could be tracked in Yantai. His first eastern visiting was in 219 B.C. The 40-year-old emperor went east along the Bohia Gulf to make an inspection tour in eastern coastal areas and territorial seas as well as find elixirs. You could visit memorial hall of Qinshihuang’s eastern visitings in Yantai development zone.

Maritime Silk Road

Yantai’s seafaring plays an important role in China. Zhifu Bay, which enjoys deep waters, flat beach and favorable barrier, is a natural bay which acted as a significant mooring anchor in the Spring and Autumn period and Warring State Period. 1000 years ago, in Tang dynasty, Dengzhou (Penglai today) was a famous national seaport, being listed as one of the four major trading ports. It was a major port that connected overseas areas in the northern China that time.

The Birthplace of Modern Chinese Industry

Yantai is one of the birthplaces of modern Chinese industry. In 1892, overseas Chinese Zhang Bishi founded Changyu Pioneer Wine Company and achieved great success. In 1912, Ruifeng Flourmill was founded. In 1913, power plant appeared. From 1913 to 1915, 5 canning companies were established. In 1915, Li Dongshan built clock factories, and at the same year, Zhangyu’s grape wine won the international gold medal. In 1920, Liquan Bear Company was established in Yantai. Changyu Pioneer Wine Company, clock factories, canning and bear companies are the earliest entities to start their own businesses in the fields. These companies and factories helped Yantai break many world records

The Birthplace of Modern Chinese Postal Service

Yantai is the birthplace of modern Chinese Postal Service. The Postal Office established by Yantai Customs is the beginning of Modern Chinese Postal Service. In 1879, Qing government founded postal offices in Beijing, Tianjin, Yantai, Niuzhuang and Shanghai, and these postal office are the previous post offices today.