Yantai Shopping

Yantai provides a colorful folk culture, traditional handicrafts making and abundant specialties. After experiencing its unique culture here, you could choose some local specialties. For instance, you could buys some Yantai apples, Laizhou jade carvings and writing brushes, Laiyang pears, seafood, etc. Here we have some recommended specialties and places that might be useful for you.

What to Buy

Yantai Apples

Yantai, known as “the hometown of apple”, is one of the earliest apple growing regions. It has the largest area of apple planting and the most productive place of harvesting apples. There are over 100 categories of apple in Yantai.

Yantai Cherry

Yantai cherry is mainly produced in Fushan and Zhifu district in Yantai. There are more than 70 categories of cherry in Zhifu District. And cherries here have been sold all around China.

Laizhou Swimming Crab

Laizhou swimming crab is known for its tender meat, rich nutrition, delicious taste, good color, etc. Crabs here have been exported to Japan, Hong Kong and other places.

Laizhou Jade Carvings

According to archaeological research, Laizhou jade carvings have a history of 500 years. Jade carving techniques have been passed from generation to generation. Nowadays, jade carvings have covered animals, people, flowers, vases, stationeries and sceneries. These jade carving products are lovely for souvenir choices.

Laizhou Writing Brushes

The history of Laizhou writing brushes can be traced back to the period of Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty, and it was one of the four offerings to emperor that time. There are over 290 categories of writing brushes in Laizhou. For those who like brush writing, Laizhou writing brushes are good choices of gifts.

Penglai Sea Cucumber

Penglai is known as “hometown of Chinese sea cucumber seed”. With a good location of sea cucumber cultivation, sea cucumber here has high quality.

Where to Buy

South Avenue in Zhifu District

The most prosperous shopping malls are grouped in the South Avenue, Zhifu District. Several shopping centers gather here and you could buy fashionable clothes, various handicrafts, cosmetics and many other daily specialties.

International Commercial Pedestrian Street in Binhai Square

Binhai Square covers three streets: Guangren Road, Cross Street and Gongheli. The main products here are garments, jewelries, jade carvings, and other general merchandises. You could enjoy beautiful seascapes while shopping on this square.

Oriental Paris Commercial Pedestrian Street

Many fashionable and known brands gather here and the architectures are pleasant. Products here are diverse and abundant.

Night market near the Yantai University

Night market is a good place to taste various snacks and food. And shopping at night could help you see different lifestyles as well. You could also buy some small items like trinkets.