Tsingdao Beer Museum

Why is Tsingdao Beer Museum so Special?

The museum was set up in the old factory building and equipment of Tsingdao Beer a hundred years ago. It takes Tsingdao Beer’s 100-year history and technological process as the main line and concentrates the development history of China’s beer industry and Tsingdao Beer. It integrates cultural history, production technological process, beer entertainment, shopping and catering. It has the characteristics of knowledge, entertainment and participation in tourism, and embodies the world vision, national characteristics, penetrating history and cultural concept of integrating life.

Main Attraction of Tsingdao Beer Museum

Design Concept

Qingdao Beer Museum is based on the principles of respecting history, digging up history, protecting history and reproducing history. At the same time, it integrates professionalism, internationality, foresight, interest and harmony.

The concept plan was designed and completed by N ielsen, head of the Gaspar Beer Museum, and the interior decoration exhibition was organized by the designers of the Institute of Environmental Art of the Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts. It integrates beer culture display, production line visit, beer production introduction, bar and tourist participation into a whole, and uses sound, light, electricity and other media to display the 100-year history, production equipment, beer history and beer culture of green beer.

Tourist Area

The museum is divided into three visiting areas: a century-old history and culture, a production process and a multi-functional area.

The core area is the first area-the historical and cultural area. Through the graphic materials, we can know the origin of beer, the long history and honor of draft beer, Qingdao International Beer Festival, and the visit of important domestic and foreign figures to draft beer. It shows a lot of cultural relics, pictures and materials collected from Europe and the whole country, as well as the physical objects of Qingdao beer at various stages.

The second area is the production process area, which can vividly introduce the production process and historical evolution of Qingdao beer. In order to reproduce the original appearance of history, the museum set up sculpture models of workers’ production and labor in the old fermentation tank of the old saccharification workshop, and at the same time copied scenes of old laboratories and workers turning over malt.

The third area is a multifunctional area. On the first floor is a wine tasting area and shopping center that can accommodate more than 100 tourists, where tourists can enjoy a variety of fresh Qingdao beer of different quality and buy various souvenirs.

Tourist Route

Qingdao beer industry tourism is divided into two lines: A and B.

Line A is the Qingdao Beer Museum. It is based on 100-year-old buildings and integrates ancient buildings, precious collections and modern exhibition area design. It has invested more than 10 million yuan to establish a special tourist corridor, so that production and visit will not affect each other.

Best Time to Travel Tsingdao Beer Museum

The best travel time in Shandong is usually from April to November.

Because Shandong is in a warm temperate monsoon climate, the whole province is warm and humid, and the water and heat conditions are better than those in inland areas at the same latitude. The specific characteristics are: dry and windy in spring, hot and rainy in summer, high and cool in autumn, and dry and cold in winter.

How to get there 

Bus 1, 3, 4, 11, 15, 25, 36, 217, 225, 302, 306, 307, 367, etc. Get off at “Taidong” Station.

Bus 205,217,221,604, get off at Qingdao Beer Museum.

Entrance Fee Jul. – Sep.: CNY 60
Oct. – Jun.: CNY 50
Free for children under 1.4m (4.6 feet).
Opening Hours Jul. – Sep.: 8:00 – 18:00
Oct. – Jun.: 8:30 – 17:30

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