Qingdao Shopping

Seafood is one food the most special and regular Qingdao specialties.
Also, due to the coastal city of unique climate, strawberry and Chinese cabbage are in rich nutrition and with delicious taste. With the aid of Laoshan’s favorable land and climate, Laoshan Yunfeng tea is a famous national specialty. Then, Qingdao beer is famous at home and abroad. In addition to these specialties, you could buy other Qingdao specialties, like abalone, shell carving handicrafts, clam in Jiaozhou Bay, Jimo wine, papercutting in Huangdao, etc. Qingdao shopping part gives your details of what to buy and where to buy in Qingdao.

What to Buy

Tsingtao Beer

Tsingdao beer is prestigious brand products in China, as well as the first well-known Chinese beer trademark. Tsingdao beer is made from high-quality raw materials, with an application of classic brewing process and original technology. It enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad.

Laoshan Yunfeng Tea

Laoshan, which is known as “the first famous mountain on the sea", is a famous Taoism and tourism resort in China. The unique geographical environment, fertile land, and high-quality water cultivate Laoshan tea. Laoshan tea has three series and nearly 20 varieties, and they could be bought in each Qingdao big stores.

Shell Carving Handicrafts

Qingdao shell carvings are made from rare snail shells, and make the best of shell's natural color and texture. They are results of the combination of the technical features of making jade, wood carving, etc. Exquisite and elegant pictures including animals, people, landscape, etc., which make them good tourist souvenirs for tourists.

Jimo Wine

Jimo is produced in Jimo county, Shandong provinces. It belongs to a kind of rice wine, and is one of the classic famous wines in China. If could enhance physical fitness and promote metabolism if you drink it moderately.

Ostrich Egg Artwares

Ostrich egg craft making is used exquisite processing technology, and is all hand-made. From material choosing to finished product, it requires manual process, carefully processed ostrich eggs, and other over ten processes. Choosing people, landscape and animals as carving objects, it is one of the most special and agreeable gifts for memories and sendings to others.

Where to Buy

Zhongshan Road Commercial Street

It was one of the three old famous shopping centers with the other two, Nanjing Road in Shanghai and Wangfujing in Beijing.
German and Japanese styles are left after the colonial period. There are many famous old shops and shopping malls like Baisheng Shoping Mall, Yuexilai Shopping Center, etc. You could buy all sorts ogre things here.

Taidongsanlu Pedestrian Street

It is the most prosperous business district in Qingdao. Taking Taidongsanlu as a center, it radiates to the surrounding multiple blocks and formed a popular buses circular in Taidong. You could eat, shop and enjoy entertainment atmosphere here. Also, it is the largest manual coloured drawing street in China now. You could see various large coloured patterns on both sides of it.

Licun Commercial Area

It is the core of business in Licang District. It is far away from the city proper, but no matter on the popular level or the quality of big shopping malls, it remains in the front in the list of Qingdao major shopping zones.

Zhenhua Korea Garment Mall

There are clothing stores of all level. Most of clothes are wholesale from South Korea and the styles are in fashion. If you are Korea things lovers, it is a good place to go.