Qingdao Dining

Qingdao is rich in valuable seafood like sea cucumber, scallop, abalone, conch, local special crab, mackerel, yellow croaker, big prawn, etc. There are lots of local special dishes you could try like Braised Sea Cucumber with Minced Meat, Boiled Fresh Abalone, Sauteed Conch Slices, Stewed Chicken with Laoshan Mushroom, Braised Yellow Croaker with Tofu, Crisp Fried Chicken, etc. Also, there are various delicious snacks you are recommended to eat, such as Xiaohonglou beef soup dumpling, steamed dumplings stuffed either three delicious stuffing, prawn Shaomai, Tianfu glue rice ball, Qingdao steamed big bun, seafood wonton, etc. Qingdao dining part offers you some details about what to eat and where to eat in Qingdao.

What to Eat

  • Jiaozi Stuffed with Mackerel (鲅鱼饺子): As one of the most popular and special dish, Jiaozi Stuffed with Mackerel is made of lots of ingredients. Qingdao is known as its seafood, so that Jiaozi that is made with mackerel is recommended to eat here.
    Where to eat: Jinganghaixian Seafood Restaurant, Daqinghua Jiaozi, Restaurant, Qianhaiyan Restaurant, etc.
  • Stewed Chicken with Laoshan Mushroom (崂山菇炖鸡): It is one of the representative dishes in Qingdao. The key ingredients mushroom and chicken are local produced, which makes it special and valuable.
    Where to eat: Yugangrenjia Restaurant, Yangkouhaixiannongjiayan Restaurant, etc.
  • Edible Seaweed Agar Jelly (海菜凉粉): It is one of the local traditional foods, and it is different from bean jelly in other places. The seaweed use in the snacks is a kind of frozen undersea dish unique to Qingdao.
    Where to eat: Haimatouhaixianfang Restaurant, Qingdaoxiaoguan Restaurant, Wanxin Canteen, etc.
  • Braised Cabbage wit Prawns(大虾烧白菜): It belongs to Lu cuisine, and it sites one for the special dishes in Shandong.
    Where to eat: Shierhaoxiaochu Restaurant, Boyuesifangcai Restaurant, etc.
  • Stir-fried Clam in Hot Pepper (辣炒蛤蜊): Taking fresh clams as ingredients, it is one of the most common dishes in Qingdao. But if you are not good at eating spicy food, then you had better prepare in advance if you want to try.
    Where to eat: Haidaoyucun Yujiayan Restaurant, Wumingxiaochi Restaurant, Yanxin Seafood Restaurant, etc.

Recommended Restaurants

Chuangeyu Dumpling Restaurant (船歌鱼水饺): No.57 Minjiangerlu Road
Jiulong Canteen (九龙餐厅): No.6 Dagu Road
Qiaojiaodong Canteen (俏胶东餐厅): No.116 Zhangzhou Road, Shinan District
Captain Jack's Seafood Beer House (杰克船长海鲜啤酒屋): No.73 Huangdao Road, Shibei District

Top 5 Snack Streets

Sifanglu Road Market
It is near Zhongshan Road. The oldest beer houses are settled here. You could buy some fresh seafood and then take it to beer houses which could help you cook. Ordering some barbecue here with your seafood, and beer in the house, it would be wonderful experience.

Pichaiyuan Food Street
It is near Qingdao Railway Station. There are a variety of snacks you could buy. It is quite welcomed by those tourists who just come to Qingdao.

Dengzhou Road Beer Street
Over 50 shops and beer houses of all levels scatter here. You could drink the most authentic beer here. Also, seafood and diverse snacks are all available. Especially at night, it is a splendid place to go.

Yunxiaolu Road Snack Street
It consists of two streets on Yunxiao Road and Minjiang Road. Over hundreds of restaurants and canteens which offer you local Lu dishes, seafood, western food, Sichuan dishes,etc. make it a bustling and lifeful street. There are numerous time-honored beer house as well as all sorts of food stalls.

Taidong Food Street
All kinds of restaurants and shops scatter there so that you could try a lot of food and snacks here.

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