Qingdao Travel Tips

Visa-free Transit

Since November 16, 2015, Qingdao Liuting International Airport started 72 hours of transit visa-free policy which allowed passengers from 51 countries to stay 72 hours without a visa if they transit through the airport and hold valid international travel document and confirmed interline tickets to a third county. The visa-free period range is limited to within the administrative area of Shandong province.

Important Number

  • China International country code number: 0086
  • Police: 110 Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120
  • Marine Call for Help: 12395
  • Area Code: 0532
  • Zip Code: 266000
  • Check Telephone Number: 114
  • Weather Report: 12121, 96121
  • Tourists' complaint: 0532-85912000
  • Taxi complaint: 0532-82817777
  • Traffic Supervision Hotline: 0532-12328


Bank of China Shandong Branch is located at No. 51, Zhanliu Ganlu, Shinan District.

Post Office

  • Shuyuanlu Post Office: No.3 Junfeng Road, Licang District
  • Shanghanglu Post Office: No.16, Shanghang Road, Shinan District
  • Suzhoulu Post Office: No.Suzhou Road, Jiaozhou city
  • Yanjilu Post Office: No. 5 Jintan Road, Beishi District
  • Zhangcang Post Office: No.65 Shanxi Road, Huangdao District


While swimming in the sea in summer, do not tough the jellyfish to avoid stings if you see them.

Please do not swim in deep water area in case of meeting dangerous accidents. Do not be too far offshore, the farther the lower the water temperature is, which is easy to cause lacking of physical strength.

In addition, there are also stormy waves larger storms at sea, and those who are not familiar with ocean currents tend to ignore the danger exists.


Buy fresh and live seafood.

Before eating raw seafood, you had better get it frozen and then pouring a little a little light salt brine, which could effectively kill the bacteria in seafood and guarantee the health of intestines and stomach. Metals elements are easy to deposit in the head seafood, so try not to eat shrimp or fish head.

You had better not drink too much beer while eating seafood, otherwise it will produce too much uric acid while is easy to cause gout. To drink dry white wine is better while eating seafood.


Qingdao sees moist climate so that clothes are not so easy to dry.
Shoes: Boots are convenient for mountain climbing or hiking a long distance. Slipper sandals are also necessary.

Night Life

For many people, one thing that should not be missed is the bar life. The Qingdao entertainment district is located in the downtown area of the east part and the Stone Old Man (Shi Lao Ren) Tourism Holiday area. You could drink coffee in coffee houses, watch movies in cinema, sing songs in KTV house, drink beer on beer streets, hang out at night market, etc. Enjoy night life is a fascinating and unique experience.


Qingdao University
Address: No. 308, Ningxia Road

Ocean University of China
Address: No. 5, Yushan Road


Qingdao is an island city with special street layouts; many roads are one-way to reduce transportation pressures.

During the travel, you had better hang out with others in case of getting lost. If you go out alone, you could take a hotel card which could help you if you are loss.

The whole highway driving length is nearly 2000 km, and the limited speed is 90 km/h, so be prepared in advance.