Xian Botanical Garden

Why Visit Xian Botanical Garden?

  1. Established in 1959, Xi’an Botanical Garden is one of the eight botanical gardens constructed in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the earliest botanical garden in Northwest China.
  2. It covers an area of 20 hectares, collects and preserves more than 3400 species (including varieties) of plants, and preserves more than 70 species of rare and endangered plants under the state’s key protection. At present, the introduction and conservation of plant species in Northwest China is the largest.
  3. There are more than 130 kinds of peony and more than 70 kinds of herbal flowers. Their height or scattering are uniform or progressive; patterns of various forms are applied in them, either regular or natural, and their flowering periods vary from year to year, which makes people feel like they are in the picture and beautiful.

Introduction of Xian Botanical Garden

Xi’an Botanical Garden has two sites. Now only the newly developed one located in Qujiang New District is open to public. The old site near Big Wild Goose Pagoda was closed in 2016 for renovation and is expected to reopen in late 2018.

Built in 2014, the new garden has been opened to public since October 1st, 2016. It takes an area of 43 hectares (106 acres), double size of the old one. At present, Xi’an Botanical Garden embraces over 4,000 species and consists of 11 areas: Silk Road Garden, Qinling Garden, Children’s Garden, Forgotten Garden, Hundred Flowers Garden, Water Garden, Rose Garden, Vine Garden, System Garden, Herb Garden, and Rock Garden. Besides, high technologies have been used for visitors to know the growth changes of plants visually. Below are the major gardens one shall not miss.

Characteristic Garden

Hundred Flowers Garden

This garden exhibition of famous domestic and foreign land has ornamental flowers, peony and peony national beauty and heavenly fragrance brilliant purples and reds two theme parks, including more than 200 varieties of peony, peony 130 kinds, and 70 kinds of herbaceous flowers.

Herb Garden

Collect medicine, introduction of Shaanxi advantages of Chinese herbal medicine, raw materials of plant resources of more than 500 kinds of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical, were cultivated in accordance with different types of ecological habits. Northwest is the most species collected herbal garden, for Chinese medicine research, teaching, training, promotion of traditional Chinese medicine culture provides abundant material.

Magnolia Garden

The collection of rare Magnoliaceae plants shows the achievements of Magnoliaceae plants in Xi’an Botanical Garden, The ground is equipped with 25 kinds of fragrant ground cover plants, which effectively repel mosquitoes and swim in them. The air is fresh and fragrant, and refreshing.

Water Garden

Upon stepping into the west entrance, you will catch sight of the Water Garden, which is surrounded by the clean water and charming cannas. The most popular plant in this area is Victoria amazonica with 3-day florescence. The garden is composed of lotus area, aquatic plant display area and wetland plant cognition area. The elegant waterfront landscape will give you a good impression at first.

Best Time to Visit Xian Botanical Garden

According to the different flowering seasons of plants, the garden holds a variety of flower shows each year, such as Tulips Show in spring, Lotus Show in summer, Chrysanthemum Show in autumn, and Plum Flower Show in winter, when it is the great time to appreciate the sea of flowers.

How to get to Xian Botanical Garden

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Independent Traveler

  • By Bus:
    1. Take bus 37, get off at Botanical Garden Station and then enter via West Gate.
    2. Take bus 270, 602, 607 and get off at Changming Road – South Third Ring Hub Station. Walk east in around 4 minutes to the East Gate of Xi’an Botanical Garden directly.
    3. Take bus 701 and get off at Miaojiazhai Station. Then walk toward east around 1 km (0.6 mi) to the West Gate of the garden.

  • By Metro:
    Take Metro Line 3 and get off at Yanxingmen Station. Get out from Exit C and change to bus 351. Get off at Shaanxi Science and Technology College. The stop is just next to the East Gate of the garden.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Best Time to Visit: All year round. As summer is hot in Xian, visiting in morning and after sunset is better choice.
  2. It is forbidden to bring: colorful flags, gongs, drums, treble horns, fireworks, firecrackers and other inflammable and explosive goods, harmful and toxic substances, controlled knives, guns and dangerous goods stipulated by law.
  3. Tel: +86 29 8524 5058
    Fax: +86-029-85251800
    URL: http://www.xazwy.com/
    Primary Email: yueming@nwu.edu.cn
  4. Kids younger than 6 (included) or under 1.2 m (3.9 ft, included) can enter for free.
    Teenagers between 6 (not included) to 18 (included) are entitled to half price.

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