Xian Festivals and Events

Xi’an Festivals and Events will show you answer to what are the special festivals in Xi 'an and what are the traditional festivals and folk activities in Xi 'an. China has a large number of nationalities, so the customs and habits of the people of all ethnic groups have their own characteristics. Apart from the traditional four festivals: Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and so on, each ethnic region has other different festivals, and the degree of emphasis on the same festivals is also different. So, as a famous historical and cultural city in China, what are the special large-scale festival activities in Xi 'an? This part will introduce the traditional festivals and cultural activities with Xi 'an characteristics in detail.

Festivals in Xi'an 2019

Date  Festivals  Theme
During the Spring Festival Lantern Festival on the Ancient City Wall 西安城墙新春灯会 Lantern Exhibition
 Jan 20 - March 6  Spring Festival Folk Culture and Art Festival 新春民俗文化艺术节  Folk Culture and Art Festival
May Strawberry Music Festival  西安草莓音乐节 Music
 April 13  Tang Peony & Han Costume Festival 大唐牡丹汉服节  Peony & Han Costume
 April 13 - May 20  Peony Tourism Festival  牡丹花海旅游文化节  Peony Exhibition
April 25 Qinling Mountains Eco-cultural Tourism Festival 秦岭生态文化旅游节 Tourism 
 September  Xian Terra-cotta Warrios and Pomegranate Festival西安兵马俑石榴节  Terra-cotta and Pomegranate
  September  Xian Ancient Culture Art Festival 西安古文化艺术节   Shaanxi Folk Art
  September  Silk Road International Art Festival    丝绸之路国际艺术节  Silk Road Art
 Jan, March, August, October, December  Hui Ethnic Festivals in the Great Mosque  清真寺回民节日  Hui Ethnic Festivals

Temple Fairs in Xi'an 2019 

Temple Fair Name Date  Location
Xi'an City God Temple Fair 都城隍庙会 The 1st day and 15th day of the 1st Lunar Month, 15th day of teh 7th Lunar Month   West Street
 Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Temple Fair    大雁塔庙会 The 8th day of the Twelfth Lunar Month, the 30 th day of the Twelfth Lunar Month to the 15th day of the 1st Lunar Month  Xi'an Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
 Wolong Temple Temple Fair 卧龙寺庙会  The  1st day and 15th day of Lunar Month   East Kaitong Lane, Boshulin Street, Beilin District 
  Xiangzi Temple Temple Fair 湘子庙会  The  1st day and 15th day of Lunar Month  Xiangzi Temple Street, South Gate 
 Qinglong Temple Temple Fair青龙寺庙会  Early April   Tielumiao Village, Xiying Road
 Lama Temple Fair in Guangren Temple 广仁寺喇嘛庙会  March 26 to 28  No. 152, Northwest 1st Road  
 Qujiang Spring Festival Temple Fair      曲江春节庙会 The 23 th day of the Twelfth Lunar Month to the 15th day of the 1st Lunar Month  Yanta District
 Wuliang Temple Temple Fair 无量庙会   March 3rd   Sanzhao Village, Yanta District 
 Xinsi Village Temple Fair新寺村庙会  The 23 th day of the Twelfth Lunar Month   Baqiao District 
 Yaowangdong Temple Temple Fair        药王洞庙会  The 2nd day of the 2nd Lunar Month   Sunjiawan of Daming Palace, Weiyang District 

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Events in Xi'an 2019

Xi'an is an ancient capital of 13 dynasties, and rich in ancient culture and arts. There are many events held every year themed on culture and history. Attending Xi'an Events may offer you deep exploration to its profound culture.

Date  Event  Theme
Dec 31, 2018 to March 6, 2019 The Most Featured Spring Festival of Xian Spring Festival Activities
The 26 th day of the Twelfth Lunar Month to the 16th day of the 1st Lunar Month Artistic Xian   Painting and Calligraphy Art
March 23  Haizi Poem Society  Peom
Last Week of Every March Chang'an International Calligraphy Annual Meeting   Calligraphy
 May 18  International Museum Day  Museum Culture
May 28  Convention of Chinese Craftsmen  Craft Art 
 September 8  Entrepreneurs' Day  Entrepreneurship
 June 18  Energy Conservation Publicity Week  Energy Conservation 
 Octorber 9 to 15  Week for Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation  Entrepreneurship and Innovation
 First Sunday of Every November International Friendly Marathon Race on Xian Ancient City Wall  Marathon Race

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Exhibitions in Xi'an 2019

 Date   Exhibitions   Theme
 August 15-17  Xi'an Science and Technology Expo  Scientific and Technical Produts
 August 9-11  Expo of China Western Military and Civilian Integration & Aerospace Technology  Military and Civilian Integration & Aerospace Technology 
August 15-17 Western Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection and Energy Industry Exhibition  Energy Conservation
August 14-17 Educational Equipment Exhibition  Educational Equipment
August 15-17  International Children's Intelligent Technology Products Exhibition  Children's Intelligent Technology Products 
 September 9-11 Western International Medical Equipment Exhibition  International Medical Equipment 

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Conventions in Xi'an 2019

As the economic, political and cultural center of Shaanxi province, Xi'an is the mostly chosen place for various kinds of conventions, large-scale meeting, forums and summit, etc. Several new upgrated large convention centers have been built in recent years to meet the needs of the increasing convention demands. Qujiang International Convention Center and Gaoxin International Convention Center are the representative ones. The following is a list of some conventions held in Xi'an 2019 for your reference.

Date  Conventions  Theme
Jan 11 The First Session of Digital Economy Summit Forum   Digital Economy
April 21 Xian Culture & Financial Law Summit Forum  Culture & Financial Law
May 16 International Forum on Silk Road Economy   Silk Road Economy 
May 25 Summit Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneuship on Digital Economy  Digital Economy
June 15 Summit Forum on  International Massive Health Industry  Massive Health Industry
June 7 CBE International Design Summit  International Design
July IT Internet Convention  IT

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Competitions in Xi'an

Every year, there are many large and small competitions in Xi'an related to sports, design, IT, digital economy, etc. If you are headed to Xi'an for watching or attending the competitions, you can find more on the internet.

Date  Competitions Theme
March 15 World Super Model Contest Model 
3.30 Digital China Innovation Contest Innovation 
4.20 International Marathon on Xian Ancient City Wall Marathon
July - October International Big Data Contest Big Data

Performances in Xi'an 2019

As the city of most profound in culture, Xi'an sees many performances every year, besides the famous ones such as Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show,  “Dream Back to the Tang Dynasty” show and Everlasting Sorrow Performance, there are also other music concert, opera performance in Xi'an. 

Date  Performance  Type
July 6-7 LHC Music Festival Concert
May Strawberry Music Festival Concert
To be Comfirmed Mechanical Future Music Festival Concert
October 26 Linglong Cross Talk Cross Talk
June 30  Romeo and Juliet Opera
Irregular Date Yisushe Qinqiang Opera Shaanxi Opera
June 30 Qin Warriors Stage Play

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