Xian Accommodation

Xi'an Accommodation lists the recommended luxury, comfortable, economic and cheap hotels in Xi'an, so that you can find exclusive offers for the best Xi'an accommodation. Also, hotels near famous Xi'an attractions, Xi'an city center and Xi'an railway station are selected out here for your choice, which can help you make your Xi'an travel easier and more comfortable. 

Where to Stay in Xi'an

The Best Luxury 5-Star Hotels in Xi'an 

  • Sofitel Xian on Renmin Square (西安索菲特人民大厦)
    Add: No. 319, Dongxin Street, Xincheng District(新城区东新街319号)
    Tel: 029-87928888
  • W Hotel Xian (西安W酒店)
    Add: No. 333, Qujiang Pool East Road, Yanta District(雁塔区曲江池东路333号)
    Tel: 029-89669999
  • Gran Melia Xi'an (西安盛美利亚酒店)
    Add: No. 1666, Qujiang Pool West Road, Qujiang New District(曲江新区曲江池西路1666号)
    Tel: 029-68216666
  • The Westin Xi'an (西安威斯汀大酒店)
    Add: No.66, Ci'en Road, Yanta District(西安雁塔区慈恩路66号)
    Tel: 029-65686568
  • Hyatt Regency Xi'an (西安凯悦酒店)
    Add: No.988, Qujiang Pool East Road, Yanta District(雁塔区曲江池东路988号)
    Tel: 029-68681234
  • Hilton Xi'an (西安富力希尔顿酒店)
    Add: No. 199, Dongxin Street, Xincheng District (新城区东新街199号)
    Tel:  029-87388888

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The Best Comfortable 4-Star Hotels in Xi'an 

  • Grand Soluxe International Hotel (阳光国际大酒店)
    Add: No.177, Jiefang Road, Xinchen District(新城区解放路177号)
    Tel: 029-87358888
  • Grand Park Xian (西安君乐城堡酒店)
    Add: No.12, West Section, South Ring Road, Beilin District(碑林区环城南路西段12号)
    Tel: 029-87608888
  • Eastern House Boutique Hotel (西安東舍酒店)
    Add: 300 Meters West of Fenxiang Alley, South Street, Beilin District(碑林区南大街粉巷向西300米)
    Tel: 029-89625555
  • Sheraton Xi'an North City Hotel (赛瑞喜来登大酒店城北)
    Add: No.32, Weiyang Road, Lianhu District (莲湖区未央路32号)
    Tel: 029-88866888
  • Mehood Elegant Hotel (Xi'an Qujiang Giant Wild Goose Pagoda) 雅致酒店(西安曲江大雁塔店)
    Add: No.106, Furong West Road, Yanta District ( 雁塔区芙蓉西路106号
    Tel: 029-87961111
  • Merlinhood hotel(Convention center branch,Dayan pagoda,Xiaozhai Qujiang district, Xi'an) 美丽豪酒店(西安曲江大雁塔小寨会展中心店)
    Add: No.86A, Chang'an South Road, Yanta District ( 雁塔区长安南路86A号
    Tel: 029-85257670

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The Best Budget 3-Star Hotels in Xi'an

  • Golden Sha International Hotel (西安金莎国际酒店 )
    Add: No.65, Chang'an Middle Road, Yanta District (雁塔区长安中路65号
    Tel: 029-87878282
  • Holiday Inn Express Xi'an North Hotel (西安经开智选假日酒店 )
    Add: No.170, Weiyang Road, Weiyang District (未央区未央路170号)
    Tel: 029-81529888
  • Four Seasons Huating Hotel (西安四季华庭酒店)
    Add: Southwest Corner, Crossing of Fengcheng 4th Road and Zhenguan Road, Weiyang District (未央区凤城四路和贞观路十字西南角
    Tel: 029-82468888
  • Atour Hotel (Xi'an Economic Development Zone) (西安经济开发区亚朵酒店  )
    Add: No.27, Fengcheng 1st Road, Weiyang District (未央 凤城一路27号
    Tel: 029-81311999
  • Ming Du International Hotel (西安名都国际酒店 )
    Add: No.170, Weiyang Road, Weiyang District (未央区 未央路140号
    Tel: 029-86598111
  • Campanile Xian Bell Tower (康铂酒店西安钟鼓店)
    Add: No.8, Zhengxue Street, Beilin District (碑林区正学街8
    Tel: 029-87251818

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The Cheapest 2-Star Hotels, Homestays, Inns, Hostels and Guesthouses in Xi'an

  • 7 Sages International Youth Hostel (七贤国际青年旅舍)
    Add: No.2 North House, Seven Sages Manor, Beixin Street, Xincheng District (新城区北新街七贤庄北院2号)
    Tel: 029-87444087
  • Ancient City International Youth Hostel (古城国际青年旅舍)
    Add: No. 4, Lianhu Road (莲湖路48
    Tel: 029-87365339
  • Qingyi Apartment Hotel. Bell Tower Xian (西安钟楼清怡公寓酒店 )
    Add: Building C, Hongfujiahui Square, Bell Tower North Street, Lianhu Road (莲湖区钟楼北大街宏府嘉会广场C座)
    Tel: 029-87375583
  • Jinsha Selected Hotel (Xi'an Xiaozhai) 金莎精选酒店(西安小寨店) 
    Add: Building A, Jinsha International, No. 65, Chang'an Middle Road, Yanta District( 雁塔区 长安中路65号金莎国际A座
    Tel:  029-87878282
  • Huawei Business Hotel (西安华威商务酒店)
    Add: No. 3, Tanshi Street, East Street, Xincheng District (新城区东大街炭市街3号)
    Tel: 029-87446666
  • Yijia Inn (西安古城驿家客栈)
    Add: No.6A, Shucheng West Alley, Nanmen Gate, Beilin District (碑林区南门里顺城西巷甲6号)
    Tel: 029-87216600

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Hotels Near Giant Wild Goose Pagoda (Musical Fountain Square)

  • Mehood Theater Hotel (Xi'an Qujiang Giant Wild Goose Pagoda) 美豪酒店(西安曲江大雁塔店)
    Add: No.106, Middle Section of Furong Road, Yanta District ( 雁塔区芙蓉路中段106号
    Tel: 029-68251234
  • Vienna International Hotel (Xi'an Big Goose Pagoda) 维也纳国际酒店(西安大雁塔店) 
    Add: No.609, Xiying Road, Yanta District District (雁塔区 西影路609号
    Tel: 029-68663333
  • Atour Hotel (Xi'an Tang Paradise) 西安曲江大唐芙蓉园亚朵酒店
    Add: No.106, Middle Section of Furong Road, Yanta District ( 雁塔区芙蓉西路中段106号路
    Tel: 029-88881010
  • Home Inn (Xi'an Dayan Pagoda Tongyifang) 如家酒店(西安大雁塔店)
    Add: 50 Meters South, Crossing of Cuihua South Road and Yanta West Road, Yanta District (雁塔区 翠华南路与雁塔西路十字路口向南50米
    Tel: 029-85216789
  • Pudding Selected Hotel (Xi'an Datang Furong Garden ) 布丁精选酒店(西安大唐芙蓉园店)
    Add: No.67, Taipingbao Village ( 太平堡村67号)
    Tel: 029-89665453
  • James Joyce Coffetel (Xi'an Dayanta Metro Station) 喆啡精选酒店(西安大雁塔地铁站店)
    Add: No.106, Middle Section of Furong Road, Yanta District ( 雁塔区小寨东路8号
    Tel: 029-85561111

Hotels in Mt. Huashan Scenic Area of Xi'an 

  • Xiangrui Shanzhuang Hotel 华山祥瑞山庄
    Add: Northwest of Yuquan Square, Xishan Gate, Mount Huashan Scenic Area ( 华山风景区西山门玉泉广场西北侧)
    Tel: 0913-3020014
  • Mount Hua East Peak Hotel 华山东峰饭店(原金天山庄)
    Add: Inside the  Mount Huashan Scenic Area ( 华山风景区内)
    Tel: 0913-3020337
  • Xiyue International Hotel  华山西岳国际酒店
    Add: 50 Meters North of Yuquan Courtyard in Mount Huashan Scenic Area ( 华山玉泉院北50米)
    Tel: 0913-4658888
  • Huayin Five Cloud Mountain Inn 华阴五云峰客栈
    Add: Above the Five Cloud Mountain, Mount Huashan Scenic Area (华山风景区内五云峰上)
    Tel: 0913-3020337
  • Huashan Self-driving Camp Site 华山自驾露营地
    Add: In the Tourist Center, Mount Huashan Scenic Area (华山游客中心内)
    Tel: 0913-4653666
  • Huashan Inn (Xia Culture Theme Hotel) 华山客栈(侠文化主题酒店)
    Add: No. 2, Yuquan East Road, Mount Huashan Scenic Area (华山风景区玉泉东路2号)
    Tel: 0913-4658008

Recommended Accommodation Areas in Xi'an 

Xi'an Downtown Area 

  • Recommended Reason: This area is in the center of Xi 'an. It takes about 15 minutes to walk directly from the Ancient City Wall to the Bell Tower. Walk along west of the Bell Tower, you can reach the Drum Tower and Muslim Quarter within 10 minutes. Most tourists choose to stay in the hotels near Muslim Quarter to better enjoy the night scenery and delicious food.
  • Nearby Attractions:  Ancient City Wall,  Bell Tower,  Drum Tower, Muslim Quarter
  • Recommended Hotels: 西安中心戴斯酒店 City Centre Days Inn (Bell Tower), 西安钟楼丽晶庭院酒店 Xi'an Bell Tower Lijing Hotel,
    菲林酒店(西安钟楼旗舰店) Feeling Hotel (Xi'an Bell Tower Flagship).

Main Urban Area 

Xi'an Peri-urban Area

  • Recommended Reason:  Terra-Cotta Warriors and Huaqing Palace and Huaqing Hot Spring are two famous scenic spots in Xi 'an. They are also the must-see places for tourists who come to Xi 'an for the first time. They are distributed at the foot of Mount Li , making Mount Li-Huaqing Hot Spring-Terra-cotta Warriors a classic tour route. The scenic spot is located in Lintong District. You can take bus No.5 or No.306 to the east square of Xi 'an Railway Station. The fare for the whole journey is about 10 yuan. It is suggested to get off at Huaqingchi Station, visit Mount Li and Huaqing Hot Spring, then take a bus from Huaqingchi Station to Terra-cotta Warriors and finally return to Xi 'an urban area by bus from Terra-cotta Warriors. If you have plenty of time, you can watch the performance of "Song of Everlasting Regret" in Huaqing Palace at night.
  • Nearby Attractions: Terra-Cotta Warriors,  Huaqing Palace and Huaqing Hot Spring,  Lishan National Forest Park.
  • Recommended Hotels: 西安华清御汤酒店 Xi’an Hua Qing Palace Hotel & Spa, 美豪酒店(西安兵马俑华清宫店) Meihao Hotel (Xi'an Terra Cotta Warriors and Huaqing Palace).