Xian Administrative Divisions

This part delivers overall information about Xi'an administrative divisions: as of 2018, the sub-provincial city of Xi'an has direction jurisdiction over 11 districts and 2 counties, which are Weiyang District (未央区) , Xincheng District (新城区), Beilin District (碑林区), Lianhu District (莲湖区), Baqiao District (灞桥区), Yanta District (雁塔区), Yanliang District (阎良区), Lintong District (临潼区), Chang'an District (长安区),  Gaoling District (高陵区), Huyi District (鄠邑区), Lantian County (蓝田县), and  Zhouzhi County (周至县). The sub-provincial goverment seat of Xi'an is located in  Weiyang Square, Fengcheng Balu Road, Weiyang District (西安市未央区凤城八路未央广场).

Xi'an Administrative Map

More Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions Area(sq km) Population Seat of Government Areas under the Jurisdiction
Weiyang District    (未央区)   262.14  777,400  No. 1, West Section of Longshou North Road 龙首北路西段1号‎ Zhangjiabao Subdistrict (张家堡街道),  Sanqiao Subdistrict (三桥街道),  Xinjiamiao Subdistrict (辛家庙街道), Xujiawan Subdistrict (徐家湾街道), Daminggong Subdistrict (大明宫街道), Tanjia Subdistrict (谭家街道), Caotan Subdistrict (草滩街道), Liucun Subdistrict (六村堡街道), Weiyanggong Subdistrict (未央宫街道), Hancheng Subdistrict (汉城街道), Weiyanghu Subdistrict (未央湖街道), Jianzhang Subdistrict (建章路街道)
Xincheng District  (新城区)  31  620,600  Xiyilu Subdistrict 西一路街道  Xiyilu Subdistrict (西一路街道), Changle Subdistrict (长乐中路街道), Zhongshanmen Subdistrict (中山门街道), Hansenzhai Subdistrict (韩森寨街道), Jiefangmen Subdistrict (解放门街道), Ziqianglu Subdistrict (自强路街道), Taihualu Subdistrict (太华路街道), Changle West Road Subdistrict (长乐西路街道), Hujiamiao Subdistrict (胡家庙街道)
Beilin District        (碑林区)  23.36  651,800  No. 27, Nanyuanmen, Nanyuanmen Subdistrict  南院门街道南院门27号  Nanyuanmen Subdistrict (南院门街道),  Baishulin Subdistrict (柏树林街道), Changlefang Subdistrict (长乐坊街道), Dongguan South Street Subdistrict (东关南街街道), Taiyi Road Subdistrict (太乙路街道), Wenyi Road Subdistrict (文艺路街道), Chang'an Road Subdistrict (长安路街道), Zhangjiacun Subdistrict (张家村街道)
Lianhu District      (莲湖区)  38  736,700  No. 159, Beiyuanmen Subdistrict, Lianhu District 莲湖区北院门159号  Qingnian Road Subdistrict (青年路街道),  Beiyuanmen Subdistrict (北院门街道), Beiguan Subdistrict (北关街道), Hongmiaopo Subdistrict (红庙坡街道), Haunchengxilu Subdistrict (环城西路街道), Xiguan Subdistrict (西关街道), Tumen Subdistrict (土门街道), Toayuan Road Subdistrict (桃园路街道), Zaoyuan Subdistrict (枣园街道)
Baqiao District      (灞桥区)  322  640,600  Fangzhicheng  Subdistrict   纺织城街道  Fangzhicheng  Subdistrict (纺织城街道), Shilipu Subdistrict (十里铺街道), Hongqi Subdistrict (红旗街道), Xiwang Subdistrict (席王街道), Hongqing Subdistrict (洪庆街道), Dizhai Subdistrict (狄寨街道), Baqiao Subdistrict (灞桥街道), Xinzhu Subdistrict (新筑街道), Xinhe Subdistrict (新合街道)
Yanta District        (雁塔区)  152  1254,900  Xiaozhai Road Subdistrict 小寨路街道  Dayanta Subdistrict (大雁塔街道),  Xiaozhai Road Subdistrict (小寨路街道),  Changyanbao Subdistrict (长延堡街道), Dianzicheng Subdistrict (电子城街道), Dengjiapo Subdistrict (等驾坡街道), Yuhuazhai Subdistrict (鱼化寨街道), Zhangbagou Subdistrict (丈八沟街道), Qujiang Subdistrict (曲江街道)
Yanliang District    (阎良区)  244  29,4700  Yan'an Road 延安路  Fenghuang Road Subdistrict (凤凰路街道, Xinhua Road Subdistrict (新华路街道), Zhenxing Subdistrict (振兴街道), Xinxing Subdistrict (新兴街道), Beitun Subdistrict (北屯街道), Wutun Subdistrict (武屯街道), Guanshan Subdistrict (关山街道)
Lintong District     (临潼区)  915  689,900  Lishan Subdistrict 骊山街道

 Lishan Subdistrict (骊山街道), Qinling  Subdistrict (秦陵街道), Xinfeng Subdistrict (新丰街道), Daiwang Subdistrict (代王街道), Xiekou  Subdistrict (斜口街道), Xingzhe Subdistrict (行者街道), Lingkou Subdistrict (零口街道), Xiangqiao Subdistrict (相桥街道), Yujie Subdistrict (雨金街道), Ma'e Subdistrict (马额街道), Xiquan Subdistrict (西泉街道), Liyang Subdistrict (栎阳街道), Xinshi Subdistrict (新市街道), Xuyang Subdistrict (徐杨街道), Hezhai Subdistrict (何寨街道), Jiaokou Subdistrict (交口街道), Youhuai Subdistrict (油槐街道), Beitian Subdistrict (北田街道), Tielu Subdistrict (铁炉街道), Renliu Subdistrict (任留街道), Muzhai Subdistrict (穆寨街道), Xiaojin Subdistrict (小金街道, Renzong Subdistrict (仁宗街道)

Chang'an District   (长安区)  1583  1,009,700  Weiqu Subdistrict 韦曲街道  Weiqu Subdistrict (韦曲街道), Guodu Subdistrict (郭杜街道), Luanzhen Subdistrict (滦镇街道), Yinzhen Subdistrict (引镇街道), Wangsi Subdistrict (王寺街道), Mawang Subdistrict (马王街道), Taiyigong Subdistrict (太乙宫街道), Dongdajie Subdistrict (东大街道), Ziwu Subdistrict (子午街道), Doumen Subdistrict (斗门街道), Xiliu Subdistrict (细柳街道), Duqu Subdistrict (杜曲街道), Dazhao Subdistrict (大兆街道), Xinglong Subdistrict (兴隆街道), Huangliang Subdistrict (黄良街道), Wangqu Subdistrict (王曲街道), Mingdu Subdistrict (鸣犊街道), Wangmang Subdistrict (王莽街道), Wutai Subdistrict (五台街道), Gaoqiao Subdistrict (高桥街道), Lingzhao Subdistrict (灵沼街道), Wuxing Subdistrict (五星街道), Yangzhuang Subdistrict (杨庄街道), Weizhai Subdistrict (魏寨街道), Subdistrict (炮里街道)
 Gaoling District    (高陵区)  294  357,000  No. 29, Xianmen Street, Luyuan Subdistrict   鹿苑街道县门街29号  Luyuan Subdistrict (鹿苑街道), Jingwei Subdistrict (泾渭街道), Chonghuang Subdistrict (崇皇街道), Tongyuan Town (通远镇), Gengzhen Town (耿镇), Zhangbu Town (张卜镇), Jijia Administrative Committee (姬家管委会), Yaohui Administrative Committee (药惠管委会)
 Huyi District    (鄠邑区)  1282  549,300  Ganting Subdistrict 甘亭街道  Ganting Subdistrict (甘亭街道),  Yuxia Subdistrict (余下街道), Wuzhu Subdistrict (五竹街道), Yuchan Subdistrict (玉蝉街道), Dawang Subdistrict (大王街道), Qindu Subdistrict (秦渡街道), Caotang Subdistrict (草堂街道), Pangguang Subdistrict (庞光街道), Zu'an Town (祖庵镇),  Jiangcun Town (蒋村镇), Laodian Town (涝店镇), Ganhe Town (甘河镇), Shijing Town (石井镇), Weifeng Town (渭丰镇)
 Lantian County   (蓝田县)  2006  655,000  No. 6, Xianmen Street, Languan Subdistrict  蓝关街道县门街6号  Languan Subdistrict (蓝关街道), Huaxu Town (华胥镇),  Xiehu Town (洩湖镇), Sanli Town (三里镇), Puhua Town (普化镇),  Yushan Town (玉山镇), Ancun Town (安村镇), Qianwei Town ( 前卫镇), Mengcun Town (孟村镇), Tangyu Town (汤峪镇), Xiaozhai Town (小寨镇), Jiaodai Town (焦岱镇), Houzhen Town (厚镇镇), Sanguanmiao Town (三官庙镇), Bayuan Town (灞源镇), Jiujianfang Town (九间房镇), Lanqiao Town (蓝桥镇), Gepai Town (葛牌镇),  Wangchuan Town (辋川镇)
 Zhouzhi County   (周至县)  2974  589,400  Erqu Subdistrict 二曲街道 Erqu Subdistrict (二曲街道), Yabai Town (哑柏镇), Zhongnan Town (终南镇), Louguan Town (楼观镇), Shangcun Town (尚村镇), Mazhao Town (马召镇), Guangji Town (广济镇), Jixian Town (集贤镇), Houzhenzi Town (厚畛子镇), Situn Town (四屯镇), Cuifeng Town (翠峰镇), Zhuyu Town (竹峪镇), Qinghua Town (青化镇), Furen Town (富仁镇), Sizhu Town (司竹镇), Jiufeng Town (九峰镇), Chenhe Town (陈河镇), Luoyu Town (骆峪镇), Banfangzi Town (板房子镇), Wangjiahe Town (王家河镇)


  • In November 2018, ten towns (streets) in Yanta District, Chang 'an District and Yanyi District were transferred to Xi 'an High-tech Zone for trusteeship.
  • In 2017, Xi 'an took over Xixian New District, 15 towns and Subdistricts of Xianyang, with a total area of 644.56 square kilometers are undertaken.

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