Sichuan Museum in Chengdu

Chinese Name:成都四川博物馆
Sichuan Province is known as “Tianfu” (the land of abundance).It has glamorous mountain scenery and fertile soil, historic site and colorful archaeological relics find all over the country, reflecting the historical development of Sichuan. It’s an integral part of Chinese cultural treasure house. Sichuan Provincial Museum is one of the most important places to collect and display Sichuan cultural relics. It was founded in March 1941, named “Museum of Western Sichuan”, and changed its’ name to “Sichuan Museum” in 1952.Now, The existing collections of cultural relics in Sichuan  Museum are 300,000 pieces, of which the most unique is Bashu bronze, Zhang Daqian paintings, Han Dynasty portrait brick and pottery and so on.


Sichuan museum is located in Chengdu Huanhuaxi Historical and Cultural Scenic Area, Chengdu, China

1.1km from Du Fu Thatched Cottage


From Chengdu downtown, travelers can transfer to Sichuan museum with flexible of choices of transportation.

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Independent travel

For Independent travelers you can take public bus (19 or 35), then get off at “Songxianqiao”station.


Exhibition display

Zhang Daqian calligraphy and painting Museum

Sichuan Museum has a large collection of paintings of Mr. Zhang Daqian, especially copying Dunhuang murals. Zhang Daqian copied more than 200 pieces of Dunhuang frescoes, and the Sichuan Museum collected 183 pieces of it. Mr. Zhang Daqian  has time limit in Dunhuang, and most of his works were unfinished. After he brought the copied paintings back to Sichuan, he successively folded  them in boxes and stored those boxes in places such as Zhaojue Temple and Shahe Village. In 1963, Mr. Zhang Daqian’s family officially donated the batch of cultural relics to Sichuan Museum.

Bashu bronze Museum

Sichuan Museum has been collecting bronze ware from the fifties of last century, and all of these were found in Bashu area(Eastern and western Sichuan Province and most of Chongqing and southern Shaanxi and other places)

The characteristic of Bashu bronze is a wide range of bronze blades, including weapons and tools. In addition, most of Bashu bronze wares were engraved with inscriptions of special characters, and cast palm, flower, tiger, bird and other shapes symbols. There are also some bronze wares in Ba Shu area that are similar in style to the neighboring vassal states. For example, the bronze vessels of the nine tombs at Xindu are similar to the bronze ware of Chu.

sculptures of Wangfo Temple in ChengduS

Wanfo Temple was a famous ancient temple in Chengdu, according to legend it was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty Yan Xi (AD 158-167) years, and incense continuously from the Southern Dynasties to the Ming Dynasty– more than a thousand years. According to the literature and unearthed sculptures, Wanfo Temple was named Anpo Temple in the Southern Dynasty and Jingzhong Temple in the Tang Dynasty, then renamed in Ming Dynasty as Wanfo Temple. It was destroyed in the late Ming Dynasty for the army turmoil.

The ruins of Wanfo temple was unearthed since the Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu eight years (AD 1882),and has unearthed a large number of stone statues, about 200 pieces. Among them, the unearthed statues are mostly collected by the Sichuan Museum, which contain statues of Buddha, Bodhisattvas statues. The unearthed statue in Southern Dynasties (420 AD – 589 AD) engraved with a clear year is an important material to study the early Buddhist art. Sculptures of Wangfo Temple occupy an important position in the statues in Sichuan and the whole country. It has rich themes, complex and complete layouts, delicate and exquisite carvings, many of which have participated in the exhibitions at home and abroad many times, and have been included in various catalogs.

Ceramic Museum

The development of ceramics in Bashu enriched the development history of Chinese ceramics. From the simple ancient Daxi pottery, the vividly shaped Han Dynasty pottery sculpture, the colorful Song tri-color figurines to the distinctive Qingyanggong Kiln, Qiong Kiln, Yutang Kiln, Guangyuan Kiln, Cifeng kiln, Glass factory Kiln, and so on, all showed the natural charm of Bashu ceramics. Although these ceramics were not as  exquisite as porcelains from government kiln, it reflects the plain flavor of life. Especially the colorful spots, dot-color and colored drawing of Qiong Kiln developed the ceramic art ,and can be described as a very meaningful invention.T

pottery and Stone Art Museum of the Han Dnasty

Painting and Calligraphy museum

Ethnic Relics museum

Tibetan Buddhist Museum

Arts and Crafts Museum

Republican light

collection boutique


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Nearby Attractions

Du Fu Thatched Cottage 

Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum is located near Sichuan museum. It is the former residence of Du Fu– a famous Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty. Du Fu had lived at here for nearly four years, and had written more than 240 poems at here.

 Useful Travel Tips

Sichuan Museum is free, but remember to bring certificate with you to receive free tickets. It’s closed on Monday, and has 7 exhibition halls, stone carvings, ceramics, bronzes, Zhang Daqian, calligraphy and painting, handicrafts, Tibetan Buddhism. It is recommended to rent an interpreter machine at the front desk, the rent fee is 20, the deposit fee is 300, or you can also mortgage identity ID. Using the interpreter machine you can learn a lot of interesting knowledge. Du Fu Thatched Cottage is nearby, and you can play these two view spot together.