Chengdu Festivals and Events

Festivals in Chengdu 

Chengdu is a leisure city where people enjoy a slow-paced life full of relaxation and enjoyment. Also, with a history over 3000 years, besides Chinese traditional festivals, Chengdu reserves a variety of famous festivals and activities of its own which spread throughout the year showcasing the very characteristic features of Chengdu. While the festivals in Chengdu are not only the holidays but also enjoy life that many people may be surprised at. Here introduce you some festivals and activities in Chengdu city.

Wuhou Grand Temple Fair

During the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), Chengdu Grand Temple Fair with the most atmosphere of the Spring Festival in Wuhou Shrine starts from twenty-eighth day of the twelfth lunar month to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, which showcases both traditional Sichuan folk art and modern fashions of the city, as well as food stalls with local snacks on site.

The Lantern Festival

Chengdu Lantern Festival is held every year in Tazishan Park during the Spring Festival, so it is also one of the most traditional customs in Chengdu. The Lanterns on display are of different elements and themes along with traditional art performances such as Sichuan opera, acrobatics shows, and local talk shows. Besides, you can also enjoy various kinds of Chengdu delicacies.

Chengdu Flower Festival

Chengdu Flower Festival in January of each year starts with the Tang and Song Dynasties and has a history of over one thousand years, which is held in Qingyang Temple outside Chengdu's west gate. At that time, the state-owned and collective flowerbeds near the Chengdu and the majority of flower-growers will carry their valuable flowers, home-planted potted plants and potted landscape to Qingyang Temple, scaffolding stalls for sale.

Longquan Peach Blossom Festival

Each February in Lunar Calender, peach blossoms in Longquan Mountain, and pear flowers at the foot of the mountain paved the earth as snow. Tourists spend tea and enjoy the scenery in the flower farmer's house, enjoy the delicious home-style meals in rural areas, eat real green food and have some fun.

Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival

Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival before every spring ploughing is regarded as a sacred festival by local residents. Historically, a grand ceremony of draining water was held around the Qingming Festival every year to congratulate beforehand agricultural harvest. By then, local officials personally presided over the launching ceremony, and local people spontaneously organized to worship Li Bing and his son in Erwang Temple, also known as the Qingming Fair. There are also fascinating folk song and dance performances.

Huanglongxi Fire Dragon Festival

Huanglongxi Fire Dragon Festival is celebrated from the 2nd to the 15th day of the first lunar month of each New Year. Originated in the Southern Song Dynasty, the festival is the most popular folk activity in Huanglongxi town. During the festival, there are activities such as colorful dragon performances, Southern Lion Dance, lighting a fire dragon, floating lanterns, etc.

Activities in Chegndu

Chengdu is a leisure city where people enjoy a slow-paced life full of comfort and relaxation as the Chengdu locals spend much more time in enjoying than anything else. Tasting tea, drinking wine, playing Mahjong, listening to Pingshu, watching Sichuan opera, cleaning ears, soaking in music...The entertainment is really rich and wonderful. Now you're here, just try to blend in and enjoy each day.

Ear Cleaning

It is one of the most traditional folk skills in China. The little things that we seem to overlook are the pleasures of Chengdu people.

Sichuan Opera

Sichuan opera features the most characteristic of sichuan art, among which "face-changing" and "fires pitting " are breathtaking. There are Classic Sichuan Opera scenes performance at Sichuan Opera Arts Center every afternoon and Sichuan Opera stunt shows, acts and acrobatic performances at night.

Drinkingg Tea

If you don't spend time chilling in teahouse, you know nothing about life. That's how Chengdunese view tea culture, said by Li Bo Qing, a famous and beloved Sichuan comedian. Countless teahouses densely distributed in the streets, there are tea drinkers on the side of the road as long as the sun comes out. As the most popular entertainment in Chengdu, tea-drinking definitely shows the leisure of Chengdu people.

Bars & Pubs

With a colorful night life, Chengdu, the “sleepless city”, has made pubs & bars the essential part of its life. Jiuyanqiao, Jinli street, Kuan & Zhai Alley, LanGuiFang, Fangcao street, etc. are the night life areas...

Playing Mahjong

Everyone in China knows Chengdu people like to play Mahjong, especially over tea, and the sounds of Mahjong tiles can be heard clacking all around the city, which truly makes the laid-back city a great place for leisure and relax.