Chengdu Travel Tips

Located in the west of Sichuan Basin and in the center of Chengdu Plain, Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, serves as the provincial center for politics, economy, culture, and transportation. It is a famous historical and cultural city for more than 3,200 years without renaming or removing. Known as a “laid-back” city, Chengdu is a large but relaxed city, with many natural, cultural, and historical sights in and around it where you never want to leave once you arrived.

Visa-free Transit

Starting from 1 September 2013, passengers from 45 countries/regions including Australia, Canada, US, etc are allowed 72 hours’ stay without a visa if transiting through Chengdu ShuangLiu International Airport provided they hold valid international travel document and confirmed interline ticket to a third country/region.

Post Offices

  • Zip Code: 610000
  • Shuwa Street Post Office: 25 Shuwa North Street
  • Mengzhuiwan Post Office: 346 Shuanglin Road
  • Shawan Post Office: 71 Shawan Road
  • Yiguanmiao Post Office: 6 Yongfeng Road

Useful Numbers

  • China International country code number: 0086
  • Chengdu city code number: 028
  • Ambulance:120 Fire: 119 Police: 110
  • Check Telephone Number: 114
  • Weather Report: 12121, 96121
  • Tourism Complaint: 028-96927, 028-86622065, 028-86764621 (Fax)
  • Public Bus Complaint: 028-85073535, 028-85076868
  • Taxi Complaint: 028-86636630

Money Exchange

You can use your passport and cash to exchange for Chinese Yuan in every branch of Bank of China. And 17 kinds of currency are supported, such as English pound, US dollar, Singapore dollar, Euro and so on.

Dressing Tips

  • March - June, September - November: Dress normally in spring and autumn. Due to great temperature difference between morning and night, it is better to wear a thin sweater and windbreaker to avoid catching cold.
  • July - August: Sultry in summer. It is better to wear frivolous breathable clothes and carry mosqulio repellent with you in case of mosquitoes.
  • December - February: Sometimes it is below zero in winter but with few snow. Thick clothing and thick socks are necessary for it is wet and cold, especially in rainy days.

Transportation Concerns

  • Be careful to distinguish road names and street names because there are too many complex and very similar in Chengdu. It is easy to get people wrong.
  • And try to take subway as your way of going around in Chengdu. It is the fastest way around. There are several subway lines under construction, therefore some roads are closed, dusty, and congested. Also remember to avoid rush hours for there is usually overcrowded and you can't push your way onto the vehicle.
  • What’s more, beware of pickpockets in public places. Usually there are some pickpockets around the bus stop/Metro Station or on the bus/Metro, take care of all your valuables and keep them in the line of your sight.

Dietary Concerns

  • Remember to bring some stomach medicine and antidiarrheal medicine because most of Chengdu dishes are numbly hot and spicy, which may cause diarrhea if you are not used to eating spicy food.
  • However, the flavors of Sichuan cuisine are rather complex and you could try some light dishes, which are also delicious and fragrant.
  • Be open to "fly restaurants” if you do not care much about dining surroundings, which serve as an important cultural institution of Sichuan cuisine. Usually these bustling restaurants offers delicious and cheap food, some of them are hard to find and need to wait in line.

About Shopping

It you want to buy special products, it is better to go local supermarket such as old-timer Hongqi (Red Flag) Chain Store for its variety and reasonable price. It is relatively expensive in airports, railway stations and Kuan&Zhai Alley, Jinli and other scenic spots.


  • Try to avoid major holidays such as the Spring Festival, May Labour Day and National Day. This holidays lead to transport difficulties, price rises, and overcrowding.
  • Learn more about the history and culture related to Chengdu. It will make your Chengdu tour more fun and memorable.