Wansheng Stone Forest in Chongqing

Why is Wansheng Stone Forest so Special?

It is China’s second Oishinohayashi with an area of 10 square kilometers. Formed in the Ordovician, it is the oldest stone forest in China. Wansheng Stone Forest is a karst landform feature,Wansheng Stone Forest is a karst landform feature.

Geographical Characteristics

Stone forest peaks stand on the wall in a variety of shapes and stones are mostly like birds and animals, which geologists call “animal paradise” made of natural stones. It is also like a garden, with smoke curling up from kitchen chimneys, clear springs, clear pools and cliff waterfalls. The scene is magnificent and moving.

Overview of Wansheng Stone Forest

Wansheng Shilin Scenic Area is located in Nantian Township, Wansheng District, southern Chongqing, 130 kilometers away from the downtown area of Chongqing. It was formed about 460 million years ago and is currently the oldest stone forest in China. Wansheng Stone Forest integrates “mountain, water, forest, stone and cave”. The landscape is varied, the surface stone forest and underground karst cave are extremely comprehensive, and the summer climate of the scenic spot is cool and pleasant.

Stone fan

The fan is placed in the north and south, with a diameter of about 6.5 meters, the thickest part being less than 2 meters, and the height of the fan being nearly 6 meters. The sector weighs nearly 200 tons. The fan handle is about 1.6 meters high, the widest side is about 1 meter, and the thinnest side is less than 0.5 meter. The fan is huge and thick, and its handle is small and delicate. It seems to be crumbling, but it has stood erect for hundreds of millions of years. Tourism authorities said that this fan is the highest in the world in terms of size and weight, hence the reputation of “the first fan in the world”.

Stone gorge

It is a canyon formed by karst collapse and rock fracture. Three stone gorges are arranged in parallel in the east of Shilin. They are called “Lotus Gorge, Bird Singing Gorge and Tingquan Gorge”. The most fascinating of the Three Gorges is Tingquan Gorge, which is 300 meters long, 1-2 meters wide and 80 meters deep. Standing among them, looking up, I saw a line of blue sky, just like a strand of blue ribbon drifting overhead. On both sides of the cliff if cut, towering wall stand, magnificent. On both sides of the cliff, are similar in size and shape, weighing tens of tons of boulders. The gap between the stones is like an artificial ancient city wall.

Stone turtle

Stone forest stones are formed on the seabed. due to the accumulation of sedimentary rocks bit by bit and the movement of sea water, the stone surface of stone forest today has similar lines to turtle shells. Some stones stick out the turtle’s “head” and “foot”, and there are countless stone tortoises. The largest stone turtle in Wansheng Stone Forest is Guishan Mountain to the east of the Stone Forest. Guishan is about 500 meters long.

Stone Tower

On closer inspection, these stones all look like towers, varying in size and number of layers, with the highest being eight layers and more than 20 meters high. At the very least, there are also two levels, similar in height to people. Their shapes are very similar to those of artificial towers, with bases, edges and tops. Nearly a hundred of these towers are crowded together, and people cannot find their way back through them. Because of its large number, it is praised as “Thousand Tower City” by tourists.

Attraction information

Address: Nantian Township, Wansheng District, Chongqing City

Tickets: 50 yuan (no student tickets. It is suggested that a tour guide be invited)

Opening hours: 8: 00-18: 00

How to Get There

1. There are special tour buses to Wansheng Shilin at Chongqing long-distance bus station and Chongqing Nanping bus station.

2. From Chongqing Nanping bus station-Wansheng (7: 00-19: 30, every 30 minutes), the fare is about 40 yuan and the time is about 2 hours (high speed). After arriving at Wansheng, the bus stops at Nanchuan Station. From Nanchuan Station to Wansheng Tourism Station, you can take a human tricycles one dollar or a taxi three dollars.

3. Wansheng-Shilin (7: 00-17: 00, every 15 minutes), the fare is 5 yuan, and the time is about 40 minutes (mountain road); Wansheng-Shilin can also charter a car, 50 taxis and 80 minibuses.

Self-driving tour:

Direction of Chengdu: via Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway → Neijiang → Chongqing → Western Ring Interchange → Inner Ring Expressway (Chongqing-Guizhou direction) → Jieshi → Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway → Qiwan Expressway (about 500m from Qijiang Exit) → Wansheng

Direction in Guizhou: via Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway → Guiyang → Zunyi → Qijiang (exit toll station and turn around and enter again) → direction in Guiyang (500m) → Qiwan Expressway → Wansheng Scenic Area

Wansheng has a good road condition to the scenic spot, but because it is full of mountain roads and the curves are rather sharp, please pay attention to the speed. It is suggested to check the vehicles before departure. If the vehicles break down on the mountain, they will be in trouble.

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