Chongqing Shopping

Chongqing shopping will bring you some information about what to buy and where to buy in Chongqing, including local specialties and featured shopping areas. Although Chongqing is not a shopping resort, it can still satisfy your shopping desires.

What to Buy in Chongqing

To shop in Chongqing, if you like spicy food, you must buy Hotpot Condiment. In addition, there are also some Chongqing fetured snacks and local tea you can choose as souvenirs. Generally, you can buy them at some scenic spots like Ciqikou Ancient Town, but the price is high. It is suggested to buy at some supermarkets where the price is affordable. If you like to eat spicy dishes, you can go to the traditional market and bring back some dried peppers and Sichuan peppercorn.

Hotpot Condiment

Come to the birthplace of hot pot- Chongqing, you can take some authentic hot pot condiment back. Chongqing people prefer Qiaotou(桥头), Pangzi(胖子), Zhoujunji(周君记), Qiuxia(秋霞) and other authentic old brands. Dezhuang(德庄) has a kind of hotpot condiment, suitable for light taste of tourists. There are a variety of hotpot condiments in Chongqing, generally divided into beef tallow and boiled oil, the former taste spicy and hot, the latter is suitable for people who are bad at spicy food. However, all the hotpot seasonings need to be boiled again when eating, and it is better to buy some beef tallow, and boil it with hotpot condiment for more than three hours, otherwise it is difficult to copy the taste of the hot pot of Chongqing. The whole price of hot pot condiment is not expensive, 15-30 yuan/bag, which can be bought in supermarkets and specialty shops in popular scenic spots. Many hotpot restaurants will also sell their own hotpot condiments, and the packaging is intact, do not worry about the leak during the trip. 

Shu Embroidery

Shu embroidery, also known as "Sichuan embroidery", is one of the four most famous embroideries in China, along with Su embroidery, Xiang embroidery and Yue embroidery. It is a traditional Chinese craft that uses silk thread to embroider floral designs on silk or other fabrics. As one of the embroideries with the longest inheritance of Chinese embroidery, Shu embroidery has formed its own unique charm with its bright and beautiful colors and exquisite needlework. It has enjoyed a high reputation since Han dynasty. Shu embroidery is famous for its exquisite workmanship, smooth and bright in quality, with strong expression and artistic effect. The unique patterns of Shu embroidery include flowers, birds, landscapes, fish, insects and characters. Its products include pillowcase, embroidered slippers, mirror curtain, lace, wedding dress, scroll, skirt, quilt cover, etc. It mainly focuses on the theme of auspiciousness and happiness. In 2006, it was listed in the national intangible cultural heritages.

Jiangjin Swelled Candy Rice(江津米花糖)

Jiangjin Swelled Candy Rice, named after Jiangjin District of Chongqing, is one of the famous snacks in Chongqing, created in 1910. Its products are crisp and sweet, with exquisite shape, cheap and fine, easy to carry. Jiangjin Swelled Candy Rice is made from high-quality glutinous rice, walnut kernel, peanut kernel, sesame, white sugar, animal and plant oil, caramel, rose sugar, etc, through more than 10 procedures. Jiangjin Swelled Candy Rice has a long history, selling well in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Kunming and other more than 200 cities in China, as well as the United States, New Zealand and other countries and regions.

Fuling Pickles(涪陵榨菜)

Fuling pickle has become a household name brand, after a hundred years of vicissitudes, has become the common dishes on the table of ordinary people. The traditional dish, which dates back more than 100 years, is made from the mustard root, a large and radish-like vegetable in Fuling, southwest China's Chongqing. Today, Fuling pickle is often one of the most common commodity on the shelves, whether in convenience stores or supermarkets. Its production process was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2008. At present, Fuling pickle has been exported to southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and more than 50 countries and regions.


Chongqing is rich in tea and famous for its tea culture. The famous varieties are Yongchuan Xiuya, Bashan Yinya, Jinyun Maofeng, Youyang buckwheat tea and so on. The above tea is generally available in large supermarkets. If you have enough time, you can go to Panxi tea market (the largest tea wholesale market in Chongqing) and Nanqiaosi tea market (the first professional tea wholesale market in Chongqing). The tea sold in these two places is relatively complete and affordable.

Carpenter Tan Comb

Among numerous famous handicrafts in Chongqing, Carpenter Tan Comb, originally produced in Chongqing, is relatively practical and suitable for gifts. Although it is a little more expensive than ordinary comb (50-100 yuan/pair), but its material is good, delicate and durable. New world department store in Jiangbei District and Hong Kong Town have branches of Carpenter Tan.

Liangping New Year Picture(梁平年画)

Liangping New Year painting, along with Liangping bamboo curtain and Liangshan lantern opera, is a kind of painting art drawn by the people in Liangping District of Chongqing to celebrate the Spring Festival. It is a form of expression of Chinese folk art and has profound cultural value, historical value and academic value. As one of the eight great Chinese New Year paintings, Liangping New Year paintings have a long history. They are not only listed as the national intangible cultural heritage, but also appear on national stamps. Liangping New Year pictures are engraved on local pear wood. The painting method is simple and unsophisticated, and the color combination is vivid and exquisite. It is a handicraft with the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture.

Rongchang Folding Fan(荣昌折扇)

With a history of nearly 500 years, Rongchang folding fan has exquisite workmanship and exquisite details. With phyllostachys pubescens as the fan bone and oil-paper or silk as the fan surface, the fan has rich content within a small compass, poetic and picturesque, and has the local characteristics of Bashu handicraft industry. Different from Carpenter Tan, the market for Rongchang folding fans is still limited to Chongqing and relatively small. Rongchang folding fan, one of the four treasures of Rongchang county in Chongqing, has gradually developed into a unique Chinese traditional handicraft, which is loved by people from all walks of life.

Where to Buy in Chongqing

Popular Shopping Areas

The most popular shopping centers in Chongqing's main urban area are concentrated in 6 business districts, including Jiefangbei in Yuzhong District, Guanyinqiao in Jiangbei District and Three Gorges Square in Shapingba District, as well as Yangjiaping, Nanping and Daping. Jiefangbei business district is the oldest commercial center, the brand is relatively high-end and the crowd is mainly tourists. Three gorges square is also an old business district, but the price is wallet-friendly, suitable for students consumption. The rising Guanyinqiao business district is now more favored by the local people, whose brand is mainly middle and high-end. While Yangjiaping, Daping and Nanping are fashionable commercial districts favored by young people in Chongqing.

Jiefangbei Business District

Jiefangbei Business District is the oldest commercial center of Chongqing. The shopping crowd is mainly tourists. On weekends and holidays, it is the peak of passenger flow. 

  • Jiefangbei(解放碑)
    Address: No.177, Minzu Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆市渝中区民族路177号
    Brief Introduction: Jiefangbei is one of the landmarks of Chongqing. It is also the historical witness of the victory of Anti-Japanese War and the liberation of Chongqing. Jiefanbei is surrounded by a variety of high-end luxury brand stores, such as LV, Rolex, Prada, etc. 
  • Chongqing Department Store(重百大楼)
    Address: No.2, Minquan Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆市渝中区民权路2号
    Tel: 023-63836029/023-63828529
  • Metropolitan Plaza(大都会东方广场)
    Address: No.68, Zourong Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆市渝中区邹容路68号
    Tel: 023-63726271
  • Riyueguang Central Plaza(日月光中心广场)
    Address: No.89, Minquan Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆市渝中区民权路89号
    Tel: 023-63803888
  • Chongqing Times Square(重庆时代广场)
    Address: No.100, Zourong Road, Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆市渝中区解放碑邹容路100号
    Tel: 023-63767779/023-63707605
  • New Century Department Store(新世纪百货)
    Address: No.18, Qingnian Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆渝中区青年路18号
    Tel: 023-89889999/023-79889999
  • Yingli International Shopping Center(英利国际购物中心)
    Address: No.26, Minquan Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆市渝中区民权路26号
    Tel: 023-63925299/023-63928666
  • 81 Plaza(八一广场)
    Address: No.238, Bayi Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆市渝中区八一路238号
    Tel: 023-61691888

Guanyinqiao Business District

Guanyinqiao business district takes Guanyinqiao pedestrian street as the center. Although it is not as famous as Jiefangbei, today, almost all locals come here to shop. It is a good place for shopping because of its convenient transportation, fashionable and prosperious environment, concentrated shopping malls and supermarkets. Many people take the street snap here. 

  • Guanyinqiao Pedestrian Street(观音桥步行街)
    Brief Introduction: Guanyinqiao pedestrian street, located in Jiangbei District of Chongqing, is a famous commercial street in China, with convenient transportation, major department stores and commercial centers.
    Tel: 023-67701780
  • Beicheng Tianjie Shopping Plaza(北城天街购物广场)
    Address: No.8, Beicheng Tianjie, Jiangbei District, Chongqing重庆江北区北城天街8号
    Tel: 023-67174288/023-67875783
  • Yuandong Department Store(远东百货)
    Address: No.10, Beicheng Tianjie, Jiangbei District, Chongqing重庆市江北区北城天街10号
    Tel: 023-89180088
  • Star Light 68 Plaza(星光68广场)
    Address: No.68, Yanghe The First Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing重庆市江北区洋河一路68号
    Tel: 023-67651111
  • Guanyinqiao Imix Park(观音桥大融城)
    Address: No.8, Guanyinqiao Pedestrian Street, Jiangbei District, Chongqing重庆市江北区观音桥步行街8号
    Tel: 023-67960971/023-67701111
  • New Century Department Store(新世界百货)
    Address: No.6, Guanyinqiao Pedestrian Street, Jiangbei District, Chongqing重庆市江北区观音桥步行街6号
    Tel: 023-67700888
  • Jinguan Commercial Street(金观地下商业街)
    Address: No.8, Jianxin North Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing重庆市江北区建新北路8号
    Tel: 023-67953655
  • Maoye Tiandi(茂业天地)
    Address: No.16, Jianxin North Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing重庆市江北区建新北路16号
    Tel: 023-67712345

Three Gorge Square Business District

Three Gorge Square Business District in Shapingba is an old business district in Chongqing. Although the shopping environment is a little old, its biggest characteristic is student consumption, brand and price are wallet-friendly. There are not only a few stores featuring mid-range brands, but also an underground shopping mall, which is suitable for young students.

  • Three Gorge Square Pedestrian Street(三峡广场步行街)
    Address: No.83, Xiaoxin Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing重庆市沙坪坝区小新街83号
    Tel: 023-65412693
  • Chongqing Deparment Store(重百大楼)
    Address: No.77, Xiaoxin Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing重庆市沙坪坝区小新街77号
    Tel: 023-65420600
  • Wangfujin Department Store(王府井百货)
    Address: No.49, Xiaolongkan New Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing重庆市沙坪坝区小龙坎新街49号
    Tel: 023-65395073
  • Kaide Plaza(凯德广场)
    Address: No.29, Xiaoxin Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing重庆市沙坪坝区小新街29号
    Tel: 023-65406816
  • New Century Department Store(新世纪百货)
    Address: No.6, Three Gorge Square Pedestrian Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing重庆市沙坪坝区三峡广场步行街6号
    Tel: 023-89056742

Shopping Malls in Chongqing

  • Changjiahui Shopping Park(长嘉汇购物公园)
    Address: No.69, Taichang Road, Nanan District, Chongqing重庆市南岸区泰昌路69号
    Tel: 023-62508888/023-62520888
  • Chongqing Aegean Shopping Center(重庆爱琴海购物公园)
    Address: No.1003, Jinkai Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing重庆市渝北区金开大道1003号
    Tel: 023-63056000/023-63219999
  • D House of Longhu Times Celestial Street(龙湖时代天街D馆)
    Address: Shidai Avenue, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆市渝中区时代大道
    Tel: 023-63412844/023-63412841
  • Evergrande Zhongyu(Central Chongqing) Plaza(恒大中渝广场)
    Address: No.8, Xingai Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing重庆市渝北区新溉大道8号
    Tel: 023-67610777
  • The Mixc Mall(万象城)
    Address: No.55, Xiejiawan Central Street, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing重庆市九龙坡区谢家湾正街55号
    Tel: 023-68065999/023-68065000
  • Star Plaza(星天广场)
    Address: No.59-2, Eastern Ring Road, Guanyinqiao, Jiangbei District, Chongqing重庆市江北区观音桥东环路59号附2号
    Tel: 023-68621888/023-67896845/023-63011222
  • Gangyu Plaza(港渝广场)
    Address: No.63, Shaanxi Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆市渝中区陕西路63号
    Tel: 023-63905000/023-63905028

Supermarkets in Chongqing

  • Metro(麦德龙)
    Address: No.101, Baihe Road, Nanan District, Chongqing重庆市南岸区白鹤路101号
    Tel: 023-89028888/023-81153888/13896167287
  • Carrefour(家乐福)
    Address: No.2, Cangbai Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆市渝中区沧白路2号
    Tel: 023-88233168
  • Lotus Supermarket(卜蜂莲花超市)
    Address: No.36, Xinnan Road, Yubei District, Chongqing重庆市渝北区新南路36号
    Tel: 023-88756508/023-67507778
  • Yonghui Supermarket(永辉超市)
    Address: No.174, Changjiang Second Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆市渝中区长江二路174号
    Tel: 023-68588228
  • Walmart(沃尔玛)
    Address: No.2, Xijiao Third Village, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing重庆市九龙坡区西郊三村2号
    Tel: 023-68789411/023-68789400/18580603991
  • Ole Supermarket(Ole·精品超市)
    Address: Wusi Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆市渝中区五四路
    Tel: 023-63732005
  • Ole Supermarket(Ole·精品超市)
    Address: No.100, Zourong Road, Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District, Chongqing重庆市渝中区解放碑邹容路100号
    Tel: 023-63732005
  • New Century Supermarket(新世纪超市)
    Address: No.1, Jianxin North Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing重庆市江北区建新北路1号
    Tel: 023-89188933/023-89076213