Metropolitan Plaza (Da Du Hui) in Chongqing

Metropolitan Plaza, also known as Da Du Hui, is a prominent shopping and entertainment complex located in the bustling Jiefang Bei area of Chongqing. Here’s a comprehensive guide to exploring this glitzy destination:


  • Location: Jiefang Bei Area, Chongqing, situated between Harbour Plaza Hotel and Metropolitan Plaza Office Tower.
  • Features: A seven-storey plaza housing approximately 160 shops including international brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Kenzo, and Hugo Boss. It also features a diverse range of dining options, entertainment facilities, and recreational activities.

Main Attractions

  1. Shopping: Metropolitan Plaza is renowned for its upscale shopping experience, offering a variety of fashion boutiques, cosmetics, and luxury brands.
  2. Dining: The 6th floor hosts a food court with a wide selection of restaurants ranging from traditional hotpot to Japanese cuisine, catering to diverse tastes.
  3. Entertainment:
    • Cinema: Enjoy the latest blockbuster movies at the cinema located on the 5th floor.
    • Ice Skating Rink: Experience recreational skating at the ice-skating rink, also on the 5th floor.
    • Bowling Alley: Engage in friendly competition at the bowling alley, adding to the entertainment options available.

Practical Information

  • Best Time to Visit: Metropolitan Plaza is bustling throughout the year, but weekdays offer a quieter shopping experience compared to weekends.
  • How to Get There:
    • By Metro: Take Line 1 or Line 2 to Jiaochangkou Station, and then a short walk to the plaza.
    • By Taxi: Direct taxi service is convenient from most areas of Chongqing.
  • Opening Hours: Typically open from morning to late evening, check specific store hours for variations.
  • Ticketing: No entrance fee; individual costs apply for cinema, ice skating, and bowling activities.

Additional Tips

  • Travel Maps: Obtain maps at the plaza for easy navigation and location of specific shops and facilities.
  • Visiting Routes: Plan your visit to include shopping, dining, and entertainment activities based on personal interests and available time.
  • Photography: Capture memorable moments and the glitzy ambiance of the plaza, respecting any photography guidelines within stores.
  • Travel Assistance: Concierge services are available for inquiries about the plaza and assistance with bookings or directions.

History and Significance

Metropolitan Plaza reflects Chongqing’s vibrant urban culture and consumer lifestyle, catering to both locals and tourists seeking a blend of luxury shopping, fine dining, and recreational amenities. Its strategic location in the heart of Jiefang Bei makes it a convenient hub for leisure activities and entertainment in the city.


Metropolitan Plaza (Da Du Hui) in Chongqing offers a sophisticated shopping and entertainment experience amidst a stylish and modern setting. Whether you’re indulging in retail therapy, enjoying diverse cuisine, or engaging in recreational activities, the plaza promises an enriching visit for tourists and locals alike, embodying the dynamic spirit of Chongqing’s urban lifestyle.