Black Mountain Valley Scenic Area in Wansheng District, Chongqing

Why is Black Mountain Valley Scenic Area so Special?

Black Valley, a national AAAAA tourist attraction, a national forest park, a national geological park, China’s best leisure mountain, China’s best green and low-carbon tourist resort, the most attractive scenic spot in Greater China in Asia, Chongqing’s “New 12 Scenes of Bayu” and Chongqing’s first environmental protection demonstration scenic spot.

Scenic spot introduction

The Black Valley Scenic Area has a total length of 13 kilometers, including 6 kilometers of battery cars, 6 kilometers of plank roads and floating bridges, and 1 kilometer of sightseeing cableway up the mountain (also on foot). Entering from the gate of the scenic spot, it runs down to Xiangshui Village along the river. The river valley is about 40-50 meters wide. There are gentle lands along the river, with hills and mountains above. It is stepped in shape. The section of the river valley is V-shaped and the river surface is narrow.

Geographical environment

The mountain range where Hei Valley is located is located in the remaining Dalou Mountain, which transits from Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to Sichuan Basin. It is a boundary mountain between Chongqing and Guizhou provinces and cities.
The area of the scenic spot is 100 square kilometers, the total length of the canyon is 13 kilometers, the height difference between the top of the mountain and the bottom of the valley is about 1200 meters, and the highest peak in the scenic spot, Shizi Peak, is 1973 meters above sea level, which was the highest peak in Chongqing before it was directly administered by the central government.

Four seasons style

The Black Valley Scenic Area shows wonderful scenery in spring, summer, autumn and winter. In spring, alpine cuckoos, wild camellias and Davidia involucrata flowers bloom one after another, and birds contend with each other, making the scenic spot full of infinite vitality, picturesque, and a good place to return to nature and explore the wonders. In summer, the mountains are green and quiet, and the water is deep and remote. It is a resort away from noise and summer. In autumn, the mountains here are as beautiful as indigo and the forests are all dyed. In winter, the clouds are misty, and the green pool is like a quiet and shy goddess.

Attraction features

The characteristics of Chongqing Black Valley Scenic Area can be summarized as four characters: Deep, danger, strangeness and beauty.

  • Deep: The forest stretching for tens of square kilometers covers the sky, is of primitive simplicity and deep, with ancient trees towering, bamboo forests densely populated, excellent vegetation, various tree species, lush foliage, evergreen trees in all seasons, cicadas singing, birds singing, spring ding dong, adding to the tranquility of the forest.
  • Danger: It is mainly reflected in dozens of places in Montenegro, with high cliffs facing each other. On the cliff with many “dangerous” valleys, the eagle’s beak makes people feel the “dangerous barrier” as soon as they enter the scenic spot. It is only a few meters wide and hundreds of meters long. Only after passing through, can people realize the risks of the scenery of the cliffs in Montenegro.
  • Strangeness : There are many strange peaks and rocks in the scenic spot. There are not only huge Buddhas chanting sutras and black monkeys welcoming guests, but also stalagmite independence, camels heading west. There are many strange things in the cave, and the two trees of husband and wife are one. The colorful grassland stone lynch, coupled with the fact that this land was once a “refuge” for plants, has hundreds of rare animals and plants, etc., which are even more interesting.
  • Beauty: The scenic spot has beautiful mountains and clear waters, deep and beautiful valleys, surrounded by grasslands in the forest and dotted with stone forests. It is like a big bonsai, fresh and natural, and beautiful. A variety of tree species are mixed in the forest, and all layers of the forest are dyed. Fresh flowers are blossoming in the grass, colorful, the forest is green, the river is as green as blue, and the grass is as green as jade. There are terraced fields in the distance, and the scenery is beautiful in short sight.

Natural Resource

  • Plant resources
    According to statistics in 2010, there are more than 1800 kinds of plants, among which black mountain bamboo shoots are called a must in southwest China, covering an area of more than 10,000 mu, and a large number of rare plants, such as the national first-class and second-class protected plants silver fir, Davidia involucrata, ginkgo biloba, yew, Fokienia hodginsii, alpine cuckoo, etc.
  • Animal resources
    According to 2010 statistics, there are more than 330 species and subspecies of animals, including the extremely rare national first-class protected animal, the Chinese langur monkey, as well as rare animals such as clouded leopard, Hei He, pangolin scales, golden pheasant with red belly, pheasant with white tail, jade snake and otter.

Practical information

  • Ticket price

Tickets to 85 yuan (excluding expenses for sightseeing bus, battery car and cableway), sightseeing buses to the north and south gates are 15 yuan, 5 yuan, battery car 30 yuan and cableway 30 yuan respectively.

  • Best season

May-September. Summer is the best time to spend the summer. At this time, there is plenty of water in the valley, and mountain springs and waterfalls suddenly dry.

How to get there 

  • Bus: Take a long-distance bus to Wansheng at Nanping and Chen Jiaping bus stations in Chongqing. The fare is 38 yuan (excluding insurance premium). After getting off, take the Wansheng-Black Valley bus directly at Guanjing Bay station. 5.5 yuan/person.
  • Self-driving: The specific route is Chongqing-East Ring Interchange-Inner Ring Expressway (Chongqing-Guizhou Direction-Jieshi-Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway-Qiwan Expressway (about 500 m across Qijiang Exit)-Wansheng.

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